Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Liberals' Parallel Legal System

The rich are different from you and me. They get a better break from the legal system. But then you and I get a better break from the legal system than the average inner-city gang member.

This is not really scandalous, writes ZMan. Of course rich kids like Joe Biden's niece are going to get a better deal out the legal system: they have more money and influence.

But we are seeing the rise of another legal system, in parallel with the official government legal system, and you might not like the justice you are likely to get from it. It is the system that is, e.g., sanctioning men for sexual behavior on campus incompatible with progressive values. Like the case of the four Michigan football players.
Here we have four players accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Instead of the cops treating this like any other criminal complaint, the school is in charge of the investigation and the cops are on the sideline. The school brought in a law firm to do an investigation, provide the cops with evidence and then conduct a wide ranging evaluation of school policy and senior personnel. They have also tried and judged the players, removing them from campus and kicking them off the football team.
Actually this is not as strange as it might seem. You would see the same thing when some church decided to "disfellowship" a member for some action or words incompatible with the church's articles of faith. Thus, offenders "are sent into exile as a warning to those who remain inside." There is nothing worse for Cloud People than to be cast out into the wasteland of the Dirt People.

A similar thing is happening with social media, says Zman. Like all rulers, our ruling class would like to shut us all up, but they don't dare do that, not yet. What they can do is outsource "crack downs on political expression" to media companies.

But can our ruling class succeed with this dual-track legal system, outsourcing moral policing to universities and opinion control to liberal corporations? Zman isn´t sure.
Like so much of the managerial state, it is not clear if it is sustainable in the medium run, much less the long run.
 My guess is that it will end it tears. I say that not because I have any crystal ball in front of me, but because the good old legal system of the bourgeoisie is a good one, that gives pretty well everyone space to be themselves within pretty broad limits. In other words it is pretty relaxed about ideological control.

The whole point of the left is just the opposite: it is about getting serious about ideological control. If only we can control the economy and the public square and the ideas in peoples' minds then we can bend the arc of history towards justice.

Only, as I keep saying, there is no such thing as justice, only injustice, the mailed fist of the ruling class or the Cloud People crushing the bodies and/or the minds of the Dirt People.

Some people think that the Trump election was the first stirring in a while of the Dirt People. But we shall see.

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