Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There is a Word for "Address Class and Race:" Racism

Here are a couple of lefties analyzing the 2016 election at The Nation.
How can the Democratic Party best respond to Donald Trump’s election? The current debate rages around whether to unify around class or instead to build a coalition of identity groups, key among them racial minorities. We reject as fundamentally flawed the implicit assumption that class and race are incompatible bases for moving forward. Race is not a distraction from but a key driver of widening inequality and stagnant or declining wages for the majority. To meaningfully help working people, the Democratic Party must simultaneously engage class and race.
So let us get this straight. Lefties are divided about whether to build a race-based political coalition or a class-based coalition. There is a word for a race-based politics. The word is "racism." There is a word for a class-based politics. The word is "classism." Hey, I didn't invent the words; you lefties did that.

And by the way, would not a class-based appeal to working-class whites be a policy of "white supremacy?"

Only, of course, as George Orwell so brilliantly demonstrated, words used in political combat have a way of becoming their opposites. Nothing to see here, of course. It was Hegel that pointed out that thesis and antithesis were very often the same thing. It makes complete sense that the people that think they are fighting racism are actually the worst racists.

Then you have the racist reverie of Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic, "My President was Black." You wonder about chaps like that. Do they really not understand how they present themselves, as out-and-out racists?

Then there is President Obama. His latest line is blathering on Comedy Central that
we have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism, but that the progress we’ve made has been real and extraordinary — if I’m communicating my genuine belief that those who are not subject to racism can sometimes have blind spots or lack of appreciation of what it feels to be on the receiving end of that...
And on and on.

As President Eisenhower said, if you have a problem you can't solve the answer is to make it bigger.

Yes, it is humiliating to be on the receiving end of racism, being marginalized as unintelligent or second class. Just like it must be to be a conservative student on today's liberal university or converged corporation where you better mind your manners or the overseer with the moral equivalent of the cowskin whip will tell you the reason why.

Slavery, racism, fear of the foreigner, are universals. In the old world, you enslaved the conquered as a matter of course. You hated the different-looking people as a matter of course. You feared foreigners as a matter of course. Just like liberals want to enslave conservatives into their hegemonic structures, cannot help hating on Christians and fossil-fuel executives, and cannot imagine a political policy that does not discriminate by race.

It is only in the city of the industrial revolution that people need to learn to get on with, and treat as equals people that are different than themselves, and very often not as far up the capitalist learning curve.

And it is only in capitalism that slavery and racism and xenophobia don't make any sense. Slaves are a nuisance because you want other people to be independent and responsible, not dependent and sitting around waiting for orders. Racism is a problem because you want everyone to be your customer and you want the best talent working for you, regardless of skin color.

It is people like the lefties at The Nation, and professional racists like Ta-Nehisi Coates, and conventional-wisdom liberals like President Obama that are the problem. They have hived off the people lower down the capitalist learning curve into silos and poisoned their minds with resentment and dependency.

They say: Oh, you poor victims. Here, vote for us and we will give you handouts as the rank-and-file in our political army. They do not say: We understand how hard it can be knocking at the door of capitalist competence and prosperity, but we are here to help you learn the entry code. We will show you what to learn, how to present yourself to the labor market, how to navigate the complexities of the capitalist life so that you can take your deserved place in the great American middle class.

And they are still peddling patent nostrums that have been shown to be nonsense. By science.

There is no conflict between use value and exchange value; there is only marginal value. There is no way for a government-run economy to work, because it cannot compute prices, and prices are needed as a signal to people to tell them what to do. There is no way for an administrative state to work because the bureaucrats just don't have enough bandwidth to tell them what to do. There is no way for a regulatory state to work because the regulated corporations always "capture" the regulators.

If this goes on much longer, it will become not just the crime of the century, but the crime of the millennium. Liberals, the left, the racists, the genderists, the intersectionalists, the climate cronies. These are people not just drunk with the empty promises of political power, but they are people that don't want to know about well-established science about people and markets and government.

And as long as it continues -- this racism, this sexism, this religion of politics -- people will continue to suffer.

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