Monday, December 5, 2016

Liberal Memes in the Era of Trump

It is no secret that liberals have taken the election of Donald Trump very badly, and none worse that the Special Snowflakes at the nation's liberal secular seminaries that we humorously call universities.

In response they have come up with a raft of conspiracy theories and rationalizations to prove that "they was robbed."

The question is: what do we normal Americans do about it? What do we say to our liberal friends when they make some remark fueled by government-subsidized NPR or Carlos Slim's blog (that's a joke, son).

I think we should have a few catch phrases handy, just to remind our liberal friends that there is reality outside the liberal bubble.

Let's talk about Fake News. This refers to the cunning of various internet entrepreneurs to gussy up utterly fantastical news items and then launch them on social media. Yes. It's terrible, and the other day a guy actually shot a bullet into the floor of a pizza joint. But then there is all the liberal fake news, courtesy of Kevin Williamson:
Ever heard of Dan Rather's fake but accurate item on George W. Bush's service in the Air National Guard, pal? A memo supposedly written in the 1960s was prepared on Microsoft Word.

Remember the The Little Rascals day-care case, pal, in which fantastical tales of abuse at a day-care sent several people to jail. Liberal psychiatrists coached the kids in their fantastical stories.

How about Jon Stewart's Daily Show. 'Nuff said.

How about all those nice educated middle-class moms that think vaccines cause autism? Where did that idea come from?

What about the liberal-fueled case that Chevron poisoned indigenous peoples in Ecuador? Driven by lefty activists.

Oh, and Michael Brown was shot in the back, or with his hands up. Er, no. That was liberal fake news echoing the line from lefty racist rich-kid activists.

We all know that banksters caused the Great Recession. Er, no. That's a meme put out by the Democrats to hide their responsibility. The problem was government policy -- initiated by Democratic activists -- to force banks to lend mortgages to sub-prime borrowers. You could read Lombard Street by Walter Bagehot if you are interested in getting educated about the credit system.
Enough about that. The bit I like is the the flap about the alt-right and the notion being put about that Donald Trump appealed to "white supremacists." It is a naked attempt to tie Trump supporters to the white political elite of the Jim Crow South. That is odd, because Trump supporters seem to be middle-middle-class, not elitists. No doubt every liberal in the land is already convinced of this beyond redemption, but let's take a look anyway.

  1. The original white supremacists were the defeated Southern whites after the Civil War, particularly the plantation and merchant elite. These elite white Democrats defeated Reconstruction and built a white supremacist state by using government to write race-conscious laws, and they had "activist" groups like the KKK to provide a bit of street muscle. How is that different from today's elite liberal Democrats founding their political power on race-conscious politics and supporting activist groups like Black Lives Matter?
  2. How much longer, liberals, do you think that your frank racist appeal to blacks, to Hispanics, and your frank sexist appeals to women, and your frank heterophobic appeals to LGBTs are going to be a net plus electorally? How long before straight whites discover a white identity politics? Right now, you can usually shame whites into a cringe with an accusation of racism. But for how much longer?
  3. How much longer do you think that your "hate speech" intellectual terrorism is going to work? How long do you think before people just shrug and sneer at you: "We Don't Care."
  4. How much longer do you think that people will believe in "white privilege" that you ram down our throats rather than the real problem in America: "liberal privilege."
Liberals have had a pretty good run with their intellectual terrorism. First it was class identity politics, the idea that the working class were helpless victims of the bourgeoisie. Which was a lie because it was the bourgeois capitalists that were rescuing the workers from starvation, and not rich kids like Marx and Engels and Castro and Guevara. For the last 50 years it has been race and gender identity politics, the idea that non-whites and women and sexual minorities were helpless victims of colonialism and the patriarchy and religious bigots. Which was a lie because straight white middle-class people were open to being persuaded to open up society to groups that had been marginalized in the past.

In the Age of Trump it may be the the Era of the Cringe is coming to an end. For two hundred years, decent middle-class people have not fought back against the lie of class identity politics, and for 50 years decent middle-class people have not fought back against the lie of race and gender identity politics.

But that may be coming to an end. And, if you ask me, it can't come a moment too soon.

Of course, the new post-cringe era is not going to be much fun for liberals. Because liberals tend to think of "liberal privilege" the way that royalty used to think about the Divine Right of Kings.

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