Thursday, December 1, 2016

Let's Not Go Burn Flags, But Laugh at the Liberals

Everybody knows that flag-burning is a sacred right located right underneath a penumbra of the First Amendment. Because when the people peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances the first thing they think about is to burn the US flag, just to remind everyone that, as Hillary Clinton once grated, dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

But was President-elect Trump way off the reservation when he tweeted about "consequences" for burning the US flag? Was it his fault for trivializing the flag when peaceful protesters immediately burned a flag right in front of the Trump Hotel NYC?

I don't know, but I certainly get the impression, from reports of a LGBT rainbow flag burning in Rochester, that rainbow flag burning is not quite the same thing as a little peaceful protesting against the US flag. For instance, when a rainbow flag burns, "local LGBTQ community fears rise," whereas US flag burning just gets veterans upset. The only guy that has a license to burn a rainbow flag is the excellent MILO.

And anyway, burning LGBT flags lowers us to the liberal level of conceit and the false consciousness that "peaceful protesting" is peaceful and a protest and not just a show of force by the street thugs of the ruling class.

The best thing is for ordinary Americans to go about their business and leave the liberal trolling to the Life Grandmaster troll, Donald Trump. It's beginning to get through even to a dull old man like me that Trump is a genius. The line that Trump is an impulsive idiot is starting to get a bit thin, especially since the idiot just rolled the GOP establishment into the ditch, in the first half, and then rolled the Clinton Crime Syndicate into the ditch for an encore. Could you do that?

Here something for you grandmaster trolls to deal with. I was just at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach and they had a video installation called Question Bridge Black Males with black males talking about the black situation and the black experience.

Yes, that is so special for a liberal art museum to put on a patronizing show with black males speaking out of big flat-screen monitors about the black experience. Do you realize, you art patrons, how dull and derivative that is, to inflate the racist Black Lives Matters AstroTurf operation with a patronizing art-show, courtesy of the 1% and the ruling class? It's just what a ruling class would do, to pet their little darlings, in the years and months before they decide to dump the little darlings and all the catchphrases about slavery and marginalization and racism. With nary a word about how ruling class welfare and abortion policy has blitzed the black community like no racist KKK could ever do.

Really, it is no use engaging liberals about their hypocrisy. Nothing of that sort is going to prick their bubble of self-righteousness.

The only thing to do is to troll them. Humor and satire has ever been the way for the ordinary people to make blow the raspberry at their masters.

Let's make fun of the liberals. And then, one day, take over the culture when their little darling women and minorities decide that they have been deceived and used and finally thrown away, just like the white working class, and every little darling down the ages.

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