Thursday, November 6, 2014

Suppose the Democrats Run from Obama?

OK, so the GOP establishment won the Senate with groomed and trained candidates. We should congratulate them on that. Good play selection and good execution.

But I see movement conservatives worried that the new GOP Congress will go along to get along with the president -- and the MSM -- to avoid shutdowns and things that make Republicans look bad.

But, as Rush Limbaugh and Jeffrey Lord insist, the voters sent a message with the midterms. The message was simple and direct. It was Stop Obama. Here's the money quote from Rush:
[Americans] didn't think the president, when he was promoting Obamacare, meant that they were gonna get fewer hours to work. They didn't think it meant that they were gonna lose their health care. They didn't think it meant that their premiums were gonna skyrocket. The American people showed up yesterday and voted in numbers and voices with one message: "Stop this!" There is no legitimate alternative analysis.
That just about "nails it." Read what Rush said. "Fewer hours to work." "Lose their health care." "Premiums... gonna skyrocket." Americans are deeply worried about things like that. It really looks like the foundations of their lives in America are shaking.

When people are frightened they look for a leader. Our liberal friends sometimes like to sneer about this and talk about "demagogues" and "fascism." But it's a basic part of our nature as social animals to bind together when danger threatens.

Medium term we are talking about the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. Of course, my guy on all this is Ted Cruz, because I think that he is executing already on a plan to be that leader, articulating a route to the Promised Land of freedom and jobs and decency, and offering to lead us to that Promised Land.

What Cruz has to do is paint a vision of a better America. It doesn't have to be detailed. He just has to show that he has a plan and he is ready to lead.

And above all, I would say, he has to be the leader that will bring us together, men and women, married and single, black and white, young and old, and be the opposite of the narrow, mean, and divisive President Obama.

Meanwhile here's a thought for today.

We have already had Harry Reid's chief of staff briefing the media against President Obama. Because the Democrats are furious at losing the Senate. Job One for them is to get the Senate back in 2016. And if President Obama can't or won't help, then to hell with him.

Suppose the Democrats are about to throw President Obama under the bus? Suppose they will now vote in favor of pro-energy Keystone XL pipeline? Suppose they will now start voting to repeal the medical device tax? Suppose they are now ready to abolish the cruel and unjust provisions of Obamacare that are forcing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans into part-time jobs?

Yeah. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Democrats in Congress are looking at their majorities, and wondering how much worse it could get. For instance, what happens when people get their health insurance premiums increases in the next few weeks?

The present defeat could turn into a rout.

If the monolithic Democrats in Congress were to crack, and run from Obama and his cruel and unjust administration, then we wouldn't have to worry about go-along-to-get-along Beltway Republicans.

We could have a whole new ballgame.

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