Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suppose the Democrats Became the "Black" Party

I have an acquaintance who's almost as radical on education as I am. Recently he attended 7th grade for a day in two public schools in Broward County, Florida, the area around Fort Lauderdale.

One school was the "worst" school and one was the "best" school in the district. The worst school was chaotic, with nobody paying any attention to the Civics class. The best school featured good dutiful students listening and participating. You won't be surprised to learn that the worst school was mostly black with some Hispanic. The best school, on the other hand, was composed of all races and my acquaintance had trouble determining just what race each kid came from.

It just so happens that the same day I had read a piece by Steve Sailer where he talks about politics as "core vs. fringe." Maybe, he suggests, the Democrats will start to get into trouble with their inherently fragile "Coalition of the Diverse" that unites all the non-white, non-white middle-class fringes together.

Hey, if the Democrats want to make the Republicans into the White Party, he writes, maybe "the GOP should slyly work to rebrand the Democrats as the Black Party."
Ironically, in 2014 the Democrats made themselves the Black Party by anointing the late Michael Brown, the not-so-gentle giant of Ferguson, the face of the Democrats. Not surprisingly, Asian voters appear to have reacted with dismay.
If the 20th century was the century of ideology, Sailer writes, maybe the 21st century will be the century of identity.

But think of those schools in Broward County. The point is that the racial mixture of kids in that good school are not really mixed at all. They are all good dutiful middle-class kids, whether they are whites, Cubans, Hindus, or East Asians. If we are going to have real identity politics, we should recognize the monoculture in that good school. The monoculture is civilized middle class. I am using "civilized" in the strict Latin sense meaning "city person."

Right now the political division is between the middle-middle Republican Party, representing what I call the People of the Responsible Self, and the over-under Democratic Party, composed of elitists that promise "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and the underclass, the People of the Victimized Self.

So really, we are already divided into the Black Party and the Middle-class Party. It's just that a bunch of educated people that ought to know better are going for the power trip of thinking themselves potential Peter Grubers "trying to confuse people" about Obamacare.

So what happens next? I suspect that, after the social justice warriors have totally marginalized the Christian Right and anyone that disagrees with gay marriage, ordinary libertarian-type professionals will start drifting back to the Republican Party. That's because Obamanomics is not very good for your average upward-bound professional, and that kinda makes all the culture war stuff irrelevant. The modern middle-class professional needs a good economy, the kind of economy where you can up sticks and move to a new job without worrying about whether your mortgage is underwater. Only trust-fund babies and folks with good inside contacts in the liberal ruling class can feel secure in the Obama economy.

Ten years ago Democrats did a good job of making libertarian professionals embarrassed by the Christian Right. But I think they overdid it, and bashed the ordinary middle-class believers into the shadows. Now they are reduced to Wars on Women and ginning up the black vote with phoney-baloney race incidents.

I tell you what I think. I think that the Obama race politics is going to isolate African Americans from the rest of America even more than they are today. Yesterday, Veterans Day was coupon day at Half Price Books in Seattle. I visited the University District store, and it was all white liberals. But out at the Half Price Books store in Microsoft's Redmond, the store was filled with South Asians, East Asians and Russians. No African Americans in either place. I wonder what those folks out in Redmond think about the Democrats' race politics?

I read a guy a year ago -- I think it was Roger L. Simon -- that said he could never vote for the Democrats again on account of what they've done to African Americans. Of course, Democrats have done the same thing to the white working class, turning its lower regions into the underclass, which is why the white working class is slowly but surely moving into the GOP.

Of course, the Democratic Party can never really be the Black Party. There just aren't enough African Americans to make a majority. So they'll still have to figure out another way to divide American from American.

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll find a way. That's what politicians do; they divide people.

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