Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Casualties in the Left's Gender Politics

I was a little disappointed in Joni Ernst. In her response to retiring Sen. Tom Harkin's (D-IA) remarks about her as "attractive" she played a straight base hit, staying precisely on message, saying that she was "offended" by his remarks.

And she got the chance to note on Fox & Friends that, if a Republican had said something like that, there would have been hell to pay.

And in fact when conservative radio host Dennis Prager poured scorn on the left's current rape-on-campus campaign the lefty blogosphere went incandescent with rage. How dare he make light of the claim that one in five college women experience sexual harassment!

What's going on, says Prager, is the Democrats trying to gin up division.
"On issue after issue, these are manufactured divisions: the black-white division, the male-female division, and the old-young division. These are all manufactured. There is no 'war on women.' It's absurd. It is just an absurdity. It is a lie. It's a gargantuan lie to get votes. It's as big a lie as 'culture of rape' on your campuses. What nonsense. There is a 'culture of rape' on campuses run by the feminist left? Why are you trying to sell me this nonsense?
The germ of truth in the left's campaign is that, of course the "hook-up" culture is demeaning to women. In fact I remember Dennis Prager interviewing a group of college girls on his radio show a few years ago. What they missed was romance and courting.

Now, how could romance and courting have disappeared from the life of young people? Why, because of the left's sexual revolution, that's how! Now we are seeing the "unanticipated consequences" destroying the old culture of courting leading to marriage. And now the foolish virgins of the feminist establishment are trying a government band-aid to heal the sucking wounds of young women in the meat market of today's college scene. See Tom Wolfe, as usual, in I am Charlotte Simmons.

But back to Joni Ernst, U.S Senate candidate in Iowa. I wish she should have made light of it. I wish she could have been sarcastic.

I wish she could have said something like: "I don't believe that a Democrat could have said that! Because everyone knows that only Republican men are capable of sexist remarks. Surely an ur-liberal like Tom Harkin could never have said that. Tell me it ain't so!"

Or she might have said: "Earth to Tom Harkin: most politicians need to be physically attractive to get elected. Humans like physical beauty and they like it in their leaders. I expect that, back in the day, even the young Tom Harkin was known for his good looks."

But, of course, she can't say intelligent stuff like that. Because running for office is a deadly serious business and you cannot go off-script, not even for a moment.

The reason we got Tom Harkin saying stupid stuff is that he's about to retire. He doesn't have to worry about staying on-message all the time. He's outa there.

Pity that he couldn't keep his mouth shut to help his fellow Democrat accede to his seat in the United States Senate.

But who ever imagined that a career politician like Tom Harkin cared about people like Bruce Braley?

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