Friday, September 19, 2014

The Wages of Hubris

According to Wikipedia, Hubris, the Greek word for "extreme pride or self confidence... indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence... especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power."

What do you think? Does that describe President Obama and our liberal friends, or what?

And now that President Obama and the Democratic Party are going to Congress for a vote to support a military effort in the Middle East to degrade the ISIS army, you might think that our liberal friends would be a little sadder and wiser. After all, didn't they tell us that the Bush administration's military effort in the Middle East was all about blood for oil?

But really, I don't expect much change. Because our liberal friends are our ruling class. They dominate the culture; they dominate our politics. Only in unusual situations after a manifest failure that even the least engaged average person can experience does the liberal ruling class experience a feeling of uncertainty.

Anyway, they explain it all away by saying that the US is ungovernable and the world is a complex place.

The best analysis of our cultural and political situation, in my view, comes from Dark Enlightenment writer "Mencius Moldbug's" notion of the "Cathedral."

The Cathedral is the state secular church of the academy, the media, the policy analysts and Hollywood.  It even has its Holy Office of the Social Justice Inquisition running around accusing everyone of crimes against multicultural orthodoxy. And then the two parties, following George Orwell, can best be described as the Inner Party (Democrats) and Outer Party (Republicans).

The Cathedral and the Inner Party are one and the same. The Outer Party has to watch its step, because the enforcers from the Holy Office and their pals in the Inner Party are always ready to pounce and punish Outer Party supporters for crimes against orthodoxy.

That's the basic problem you have if you are a conservative and you want limited government and you want to reduce the size of big government. You are up against the Cathedral and the Inner Party.

That's why I say that we are not going to get change just because President Obama and his supporters have run the nation and the economy on the rocks with their reckless hubris, their blind pride and faith in their big government project.

Oh, we'll probably get a Republican Congress in 2015 and a Republican president in 2017.

But that's not the point.

The point is that if you want real change it is going to take a moral revolution. As I've said in recent posts, that means something like the Protestant Reformation or the several Great Awakenings of the last 500 years. You need a cultural and social earthquake that grabs the cultural narrative and starts to push back against the Cathedral.

It all sounds really cool until you start reading a book like The Beginning of Ideology and realize that we are talking about massacres, repression and civil war. That's because a moral argument easily slips into a warlike argument. And then you take up Violence and the Sacred by Rene Girard and realize that once violence starts it is likely to take on a momentum and an energy of its own and engulf everything.

In other words, there is no way we will dethrone the current liberal hegemony and its big government welfare state without huge social disruption and violence, and maybe civil war. Maybe even world war.

It's enough to give you pause.  We conservatives would really like to roll back the cruelty, the corruption, the injustice, the waste, the delusion of liberal big government. We can see the hubris of President Obama and the liberals that has resulted in the adminstration of the Worst President Ever.

But the liberals are the ruling class. They own the state Cathedral of multiculturalism through their domination of education, media, and entertainment. They run the Inner Party, the Demoecratic Party.

And they ain't gonna go without a fight.

But don't worry. There won't even be a fight unless and until conservatives can ignite a new social/cultural/religious movement that inspires people with a new vision of the good life.

So right now there's no need for liberals to worry. Nothing is going to change. Not yet.

So that's why liberals are still so full of hubris. Even as they fail at everything they do.

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