Thursday, September 25, 2014

Registering the Artillery for "Mann v. Steyn"

Have you noticed? the website that broke the Hockey Stick is stirring to life with a bunch of posts about the goings-on among the climate scientist set during the critical months when Michael E. Mann and the chaps at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit were pushing out the Hockey Stick for the United Nation's IPCC.

Here's a list of the latest posts at

Kevin O'Neill's "Fraud" Allegations by Steve McIntyre: about the Wegman Report on the Hockey Stick being a political hatchet job.

Black Tuesday of Climate Science by Jean S and Inventory of Hide-the-Decline by Steve McIntyre about the day they "hid the decline" of Keith Briffa's Siberian tree-mometers by terminating their temperature time series in the middle of a spaghetti graph blob right before they took a big decline.

Another Porky from Mann, Williams and Fontaine by Steve McIntyre about inconsistencies in Michael E. Mann's pleadings in "Mann v. Steyn" (and other respondents).

The Original Hide-the Decline by Steve McIntyre about the first appearance of hiding the decline in Siberian tree-mometers after the mid 20th century.

Rule N Revisited by Jean S about Michael E. Mann's questionable use of Principal Components Analysis in his Hockey Stick papers.

Who Wrote EPA's "Myths vs Facts" by Steve McIntyre about a document that contained statements and assertions that were untrue and undocumented in the "formal" documents they were supporting.

What could be going on here, the world wonders? It couldn't possibly be likely witnesses in "Mann v. Steyn" rehearsing their facts and getting their thoughts and their documents together, could it? It couldn't be the world's foremost climate artillerists registering their 155mm howitzers on the firing range, could it?

A white back an exuberant Mark Steyn was observing on his website in "The Lonesomest Mann in Town" that in the battle of the Amici Curiae, folks filing their own independent briefs in the trial of the century, "Mann v. Steyn," that he and his co-respondents had lined up a Murderer's Row of establishment liberal batters, from the ACLU to the mainstream media. Michael E. Mann's Amici batting order? Zilch. Not one settled scientist has sent in an amicus brief in support of Mann.

There's a telling remark on about Michael E. Mann, who just gave a talk at the Cabot Institute in Bristol, England. A WUWT reader writes that
what I took away from this lecture more than anything else is that Mann genuinely believes he is right and that his work will save the world.
I have this mild feeling that we are about to witness a monumental train-wreck.  Oh it won't be featured on all the networks, and it won't appear as a feature in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. But you will know something has gone down because of a strange silence on the global-warming/climate-change front.

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  1. Considering that more than a dozen new hockey sticks have been created by completely independent teams using different methodologies, code and timelines and which all have replicated the conclusion of the original one by Mann last century, that this obsession with hockey stick minutia would have abated somewhat.