Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dems Governing Like Weasels

So here we are again.  Instead of going to Congress to get a resolution or a declaration of war on ISIS, President Obama is trying to weasel out of it by asserting that the Congressional resolution from the Bush era is all he needs.

What on earth does the president think he is doing? The point of going to Congress is not about some weaselly legal point.  It is that when the president goes to war he needs to establish some kind of consensus from the rest of the ruling class and from the American people that he needs to go to war.

The legal beagle stuff is beside the point.  The point is that when the leader of a nation takes it to war he needs the nation to be united, more or less, behind him.  He needs to persuade the nation that war is necessary.  He needs to get the opposition on board; he needs to establish a bipartisan consensus.

This is not rocket science.  This is common sense.

But the Obama administration has seemed to do everything under a blanket, or with cunning sleights of hand. This may seem awfully clever to the lawyers working out the legal ploys, but it misses the point.

If you are the leader of the country you must lead it. You must set forth what you want to do, win an election, and then do it. You must be on the phone the whole time wheedling and cajoling the great barons of the realm.

And that is exactly what Candidate and President Obama has not done.

First of all, Obama ran as a moderate, which he is not. Then he pushed through his economic stimulus program without Republican votes. Then he pushed through Obamacare without Republican votes.

It misses the point to say: Oh well, Republicans opposed everything the president proposed. Of course they did. That's why the president gets on the phone and buys the votes of the moderates in the middle. Like the ladies from Maine. Only he didn't.

Then he tried to put lefty extremists on the National Labor Relations Board, by nominating them to recess appointments when the US Senate wasn't in recess. Then his Environmental Protection Agency has been run as an extension of the greenie foundations. Then his IRS has harassed Tea Party groups. Then his Justice Department has been used as a catspaw in the liberal race theater operations.

My point is that this means that nothing the Obama administration has done is cast in stone. Because the president never got a bipartisan consensus on anything. Republicans can come in in 2017 and reverse everything, because the Obama administration never took the trouble to persuade and to make its agenda a national agenda.

Yesterday I read a horrified piece about the Democrats' "CATALIST" voter database. It was used in 2008 and 2012 to turn out the liberal base. J. Christian Adams wonders if Republicans will ever be able to win a presidential election again.

Maybe, maybe not.  Technology like CATALIST is all very well, but if you don't do the politics right, by leading and persuading, then you are going to find, in the end, that you have riled up the whole of the rest of America against you.

Rush Limbaugh has a catchphrase that liberals can't admit who they are, because if they did they could never win an election. But with the Obama administration the liberals are telling us who they are in a rather clear fashion.  They are all about gaming the system, using their insider status and contacts, using any means to achieve their ends.  And when backroom stuff doesn't work then they send out the SJWs, the social justice warriors, to bully and intimidate.

Well, I'm reading a book about the French Reformation, The Beginning of Ideology by Donald R. Kelley. It's all about ideological bullying in France in the 16th century.  And it ends up with massacres and a nasty civil war.

That is what liberals are ginning up. That's what they'd know they were doing. If they had any wisdom. Which they don't.

This isn't rocket science. It's time for President Obama to realize that the job of president is to lead and persuade. It is not to weasel.

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