Friday, September 12, 2014

The Ordinary Middle Class on the "Golden Princess"

ON BOARD GOLDEN PRINCESS IN INSIDE PASSAGE  Cruise passengers, according to John Derbyshire, are predominantly over-50s.  No doubt he's right, and I've been observing these ordinary American middle-class over 50s the last few days as they "come back new" on board the Golden Princess.  I'll tell you what I think.

You don't get to see the ordinary middle class where I live in liberal Seattle.  You only get to see the precious people that drive Subarus and Priuses and Volvos.  Liberal Seattleites are obviously richer and younger and more educated than the Princess cruisers. And I dare say they enjoy more economic security too. Tenure, don't you know.

But you do get to see the ordinary middle class on board the Golden Princess.

It all makes me think how cruelly the ruling class has treated the ordinary middle class these last few years. Yes, things seem hunky-dory in liberal Seattle: house prices are up, tear-downs are starting in every street. But the daughter of an acquaintance outside the magic liberal circle is just getting life restarted after the hell of the Great Recession in which she lost her home.

You look at those folks on the cruise and you wonder how they are doing with savings account interest down at zero. You think of how they probably blame the banks for this. You think of how they are paying much higher health insurance premiums and deductibles.  You think about how these stolid people are coping with the miserable Obama economy.  Can they hope to retire? If they retire will their teacher and health-worker pensions be there when the state and local government financial crisis deepens?

And what happens to them when the Fed starts raising interest rates, probably because the inflationary boom from zero interest rates is causing even Obama officials to worry about the future?

I think that the ruling class should be forced to take a cruise once a year -- incognito, without staff and perquisites -- so they can see and hear what they are doing to the ordinary American middle class.

I don't suppose it will do any good, but it might make them pause in their grand plans for this affordable program or that necessary subsidy.

It's telling that the present Affordable Care Act had a predecessor.  Remember "affordable housing?"  That was the siren song that got us into the Great Recession as all the folks that had borrowed against their houses, desperately trying to ride the real-estate bull, and all the folks that had strained their finances to the utmost to afford their dream house, all those folks went to the wall.

Was it really fair or just to subject these ordinary people to all this heavy financial weather? First they got ripped off because they came late to the real-estate party.  Then their nest egg got crushed when the market collapsed.

Of course, the politicians and the activists and their willing accomplices in the media have persuaded everyone that it was all the bankers' fault.  Really, the old saw about patriotism being the last resort of the scoundrel had it completely wrong. Instead we should say that any politician that blames the bankers is a monster. Because the government runs the credit system and has done ever since the Dutch invented central banking.

Yes, I know. The people voted for the scoundrels; they had it coming. But the whole point of the Progressive movement of the late 19th century of which today's liberals are the residual legatees was that the educated experts and their rational policy analysts would be above petty partisan politicking and crude corruption. Liberals insisted then and insist now that they are the evolved ones, the educated ones, the rational ones. That's what gives them the license to blame bankers and businessmen and racists, sexists and homophobes.

Only it's all a lie.  Liberals have lied and lied again; they have blindfolded the American people and turned them around and confused and misled them. And now the American people are screwed.

You only have one life to live. When the politicians go to the Fed to get them out of a jam as they did in 2008 and in all the years since, it means that the American people are getting screwed; it means that the government is going to get in their pockets and relieve them of a good portion of their wages and their savings. All because of promises that should never have been made by the sort of people that liberals claimed to be.  And the American people will never get their money or their lives back.

If there were any justice in the world liberals would be on the run right now like the French aristocrats in 1792. But since there isn't any justice I expect that liberals will get another couple of chances to ruin the nation before the American people rise up in righteous rebellion.

Of course then it will be too late.

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