Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"How Can You Tell a Racist?"

Here's an All American one-liner for you.
Question: How can you tell a racist?

Answer: Shhh! You're not supposed to say!
Put it this way.  If you are an African American and you have the cultural power to tell a racist they are a racist then I submit to you that the reign of the racists is over.

Put it another way.  Would you, as a Negro back in the Jim Crow South have dared to call Democratic National Committeeman Bull Connor a racist to his face?

Fast forward to today.  Would you, as a white American with a job in a big corporation, dare to call Attorney General Eric Holder a racist to his face?  You know you wouldn't, because you want to keep your job.

OK, let's back up a bit.  We've been told over and over by our liberal friends that blacks can't be racist because they don't have the power.  Here is Michael Eric Dyson making the point.

I have a proposal.  If you have the cultural power to run around branding other people with political pejoratives, then you are the problem, not the other people.

If liberal race activists have the cultural power to run around calling white people racists, and their white targets are cringing in fear, then I say that white racism isn't a problem any more.  Case in  point is some-time presidential candidate Reverend Jesse Jackson who's made a good living shaking down corporations for race crimes.  Ditto Reverend Al Sharpton.

When feminists run around calling people sexists, it is they that have the power, not the cringing patriarchs.

When gays run around calling people homophobes, it is they that have the power, not the cringing traditionalists.

When liberals in general run around calling people McCarthyites and fascists, it is they that have the power, not the cringing right-wing nutcases.

When GOP candidates are trying to tell blacks and Hispanics in a kind of reverse Sally Field: Hey, we like you, we really like you!  It is not the GOP that is in the catbird seat.

All this is by way of a corollary to my recent post: "I Will Defend Americans Against the Bullies!" You see, it's all very well for the Next President of the United States to take out after the liberal moral bullies.  But when the liberals counterattack with "who are you to judge" or some such rubbish, the president needs a comeback.

He can say, in responding to the response to his anti-bullying remark about some celebrity liberal moral bully: Hey, if that spokesman has the cultural power to come out and call Mr. Ordinary Working-Class White Voter a sexist, then I'd have to wonder if sexism is no longer an existential problem needing government force and a battalion of sex-equality enforcers to rectify.  Just saying, dear White House press corps.

You see, dear liberals, I'd say that when some liberal activist lets loose with some bullying accusation and the net result is that the other guy is cowering in fear, I'd say that says something about the relative power of the activist and the Alinskyite target.

Yet the lefty Frankfurt School says that the goal of critical social theory is: "a form of life free from unnecessary domination in all its forms."

I'd say, just between you and me, that moral bullying by liberal activists is one of the "forms" of "unnecessary domination" that any honest and ethical leftist project would be sworn to fight and struggle against.

So let's do something about it.

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