Monday, August 18, 2014

Romney Rear-view Mirror

Here's an article that every single GOP operative should be reading and re-reading.  It's a piece by Salena Zito about a small businessman in Pennsylvania.

In the summer "Mark" runs a crew on the farm in Pennsylvania.  In winter he runs a snow-removal business.  You'd think he'd be a lock as a GOP voter.  But he's one of the missing. On Romney:
In hindsight, Mark said, Mitt Romney lined up with everything he believes in: “But what he was proposing was drowned out by the image Obama gave of him being a rich guy out of touch and tone-deaf to the needs of the country.
“Turns out Obama was that guy, not Romney,” he said, jumping off the back of the truck and heading back onto the farm field with his crew.
Hello GOP operatives!  Why do you chaps still have jobs?  If you can't reel in a small businessman doing business out of his pick-up truck, what's the point of guys like you?  Let's here some more from Mark.
“Gore, Kerry, Obama — all three made me dislike not just their rivals but them as well,”
So let's get back to reality.  The idea that the Democrats push, that they are for the people and "working families" and that the Republican Party is the party of the rich is a lie.  The truth is that the Democratic Party is an over-under party. On one side it's the party of the rich, the crony capitalist, and the tenured.  On the other side it's the party of the people that vote for the guy that offers free stuff. The Republican Party is the party of the responsible middle class, the people that go to work, obey the rules, pay their taxes and raise their families.

But above all, the Democratic Party is the party of the rich.  Warren Buffett? Democrat.  Bill Gates? Democrat.  George Soros?  Democrat moneybags.  Google Guys? Democrat.  Coal baron Tom Steyer? Democrat.  Koch Brothers?  Libertarian.  What's the matter with those Koch Brothers?

Now I don't know exactly why all these folks are Democrats.  I think that partly it is snobbery; they don't want to be lumped in with the bigots and the fundamentalist Christians.  I think partly it is the hall pass: support Democrats and we'll leave you alone.  Partly it is the idea that by voting for Democrats they are "giving back" to the poor, getting an indulgence from the pope. I think it is partly the instinctive knowledge of established tycoons that Democrats will help them fight off the young and hungry competition.

But it really doesn't matter why the rich vote Democrat.  GOP operatives need to spawn a hundred memes that tag the Democrats as the party of the rich and the privileged, and the party that doesn't care about middle-class people like you and me.  It can't be that hard, because it's true!

Here's Wayne Allyn Root getting an earful from his taxi-driver.
This taxi driver had just heard from his insurance agent. He and his wife are in their late 40’s. They just found out their premium will double starting January 1st. But that’s only the start of their pain. Their co-pay istripling from $10 per doctor visit to $30. Their surgery coverage is going from 90 percent to only 80 percent. And their deductible is doubling from $500 to $1000. Add it up, and this middle class couple faces a tripling of healthcare expenses.
Look, how hard can this be?  You talk about the rich: how if you want some government subsidy or some government loan, all you need to do is give a little or a lot to the Democrats at election time.  You talk about the middle class: you go to work, you pay your taxes, your pay your mortgage, you start a business, and every time you look around the government is dipping its hand in your pocket, or making it harder for you to make ends meet.

If it were me, I'd want to veer off into talking about tenured school teachers that don't teach, pensioned government employees that sit around all day watching internet porn.  I'd talk about whole cities and communities blighted by government programs that give a hand out not a hand up.  But I suspect that the GOP needs the votes of the tenured and can't afford to offend them.

But let's hop to it, GOP. We've now got the problem before us in black and white.

It's not that hard.  Tell the truth and shame the devil.  Let's do it! 

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