Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Put Not Your Trust in Princes

As Foghorn Leghorn might have said: there's something Ugh about folks what publicize their sorrows.  I am thinking first about reality TV.  What kind of a fool would get involved with that? And yet people are eager to get involved.

Reality TV is a lie, of course, just as it's a lie that the friendly woman on the morning TV show is like one of your friend in your neighborhood coffee klatsch.  No she isn't your friend; she just plays one on TV.

So it is when the race-card sharps descend on the latest race killing.  Trouble is that reality is not the same as reality TV.  Reality TV is an illusion, but when you deputize the race-card sharps to publicize your sorrow, you get humiliated.

That's what is developing in the Ferguson, Missouri race incident.  It's turning out that Michael Brown was not just a kid walking down the street.  As Bob Tyrreli writes, Swisher Sweets, the cigars that Brown strong-armed just before his fatal encounter with the police, are used in the mixing of pot and PCP. Here's a report on the manufacture, consumption, and effects of "street fry".  You take a Swisher Sweet, replace the tobacco with marijuana, and soak the result in embalming fluid [!] laced with PCP.  Effects can include walking in the middle of the street oblivious to the traffic.

I keep returning to my notion of government as force, and political supporters as the soldiers in the politicians' army.  I do that because I think that people that loiter around politics hoping for free stuff are like soldiers in the old European armies.  You join up like any 19-year-old with a vision of mayhem and loot, and you end up diseased and starved and dying by the side of the road a thousand miles from home.

This is what is happening to African-Americans as the Democrats march them on their road to the next political battle.  Complete and utter humiliation.

We are supposed to be all worked up about a 300 lb 18-year-old dope-head?  We are supposed to make a national issue about a kid going wrong and riling up a local Neighborhood Watch volunteer?  We are supposed to get upset about the travails of a jealous over-the-hill athlete? We get to burn up Los Angeles because some thug got beaten up by police after resisting arrest?

I've been reading Victor Davis Hanson and David Goldman in the last few days as they have talked about the later stages of the Civil War.  The decisive battles were fought in 1863, but the South wasn't ready to quit, so 1864 was about the slaughter of the South in Grant's Wilderness campaign and the humiliation of the South in Sherman's capture of Atlanta and his March to the Sea.

Strictly speaking, they argue, the South could not have won after 1863.  But it took a lot more defeat and humiliation before the South could surrender.  And even then, don't forget, it was General Lee that surrendered, not the politicians that sent hundreds of thousands to their death.

Let's think instead about LBJ's Great Society and the War on Poverty and the current Democratic coalition of minorities and women.  The intellectual battle was won decades ago by George Gilder in Wealth and Poverty and Charles Murray in Losing Ground.  The War on Poverty was a terrible idea that hurt the very people it was supposed to help. But liberals were not ready to admit defeat.

So now it is 30 years since the intellectual battles were fought, and mindless politicians like Barack Obama, who are like the young bucks that Scarlett O'Hara flirts with at the start of Gone With the Wind, are still leading women and minorities to perdition.  They are all for the cause, filled with the rhetoric of catchphrases and interest groups of a century of leftism.

Only it's all lies, lies that sauntering politicians tried out years before, and that shallow minds picked up and repeated.  That's what we got with the Reverends and Barack Obama and Eric Holder and the execrable hosts from MSNBC.

Right now everyone is pretending that the US Senate is up for grabs in November.  Harry Reid says he's confident that the Democrats will prevail -- but he has to -- and Republicans are confident but restrained.  I suspect that the result with be a shocker, a blot from the blue.

And the result will issue from the fact that the rank-and-file foot soldiers of the Democratic coalition are demoralized.  They have been marched and drilled and pushed and pulled and manipulated and lied to.  Hey, they still believe in the cause, sort of.  But now they are just tired.  Because they thought that by now they would be enjoying the benefit of hope and change, peace and justice.

Then there are the people that didn't vote in the last couple of elections because the Democrats did such a good job of defining Republicans as the party of the rich and the party of politicians that don't care about ordinary people.

So between the exhausted rank-and-file and the millions of folks angered and betrayed by the Obama gang (I'm looking at you millennials) it truly is Time for a Change.

But really, Americans, the best policy is not to put your trust in politicians in the first place.  That is the whole point of the middle class and its philosophy of the responsible individual.

There's only one thing you need to remember about politicians.  They only want your vote.

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