Thursday, August 28, 2014

Liberals Lose the Plot

You've probably heard vaguely about the Rotherham 1400 in England. How "Asian" (read immigrant Pakistani) men ran a rape operation that preyed on underage girls for years right under the noses of city officials who did nothing for fear of being labeled racists.  Here's the BBC report. This flap has occurred in the wake of a report that identified the coverups going back into the 1990s.  And why did it occur? Here's what rank-and-file bureaucrats had to say:
Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.
Golly, I wonder how the lifer bureaucrats got that idea?  By the way, you might not have realized it, but pretty well all the politicians in Rotherham are Labour.  Did you know that pretty well all the politicians in and around Ferguson, Missouri, are Democrats too?

By the way, a high proportion of the victims were known to authorities because they had been identified by the child protective bureaucracy because of dysfunctional family issues.  Oh, and they were white.

You could get a look into the British government bureaucrat culture that condoned all this by reading the Inspector Gadget police blog. Only you can't, because the police inspector that ran the blog has shut it down as ordered by his superiors. OK, it's still on the Wayback Machine.  Again and again, Gadget illuminated the multi-culti left-wing culture that was forced on British policing by the higher-ups.  And he would write about "The Swamp" where the white welfare underclass lived in government housing in utter social collapse.

If you read Victor Davis Hanson you will experience that a similar project is going on in the US.  The liberal welfare state vigorously enforces the law on white middle-class suburbaners.  But when it comes to the Hispanic folks living out in the rural California Central Valley where Hanson lives there seems to be no attempt at law enforcement.  You can see how that works.  Liberals believe that Hispanics are victims and thus exempt from full responsibility.  And individual law enforcement officers know that enforcing the law on "immigrant communities" means nothing but trouble.

Let's return to the block quote up above.  These bureaucrats go to diversity training where they are trained to be super sensitive to any action that might be construed as racist.  So it's not surprising that they act as required by their training.  Most people -- up to 85 percent -- are conformists that do what they are told.  And as for bureaucrats with lifetime tenure...

Let us rehearse what has happened here.  Liberals, in their devotion to the struggle against injustice have upended the good old system that called for the law to apply equally to everyone.  Nobody got a pass, not the noble in his castle, not the peasant on his farm.

But under liberalism, under the necessity of wiping out racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia, the rule of law has been bent and broken.  You can't expect the victim classes to be subject to bourgeois law.  That would be unjust!  That would be like saying that the rich and the poor have an equal right to sleep under the Seine bridges in Paris.

There's another consequence of the necessity of wiping out racism, sexism, classism, and climate change.  You have to exempt the ruling class from the rule of law, as well.  We see this in the actions of the Obama administration.  It's so important to implement universal healthcare that the administration has to be able to make law up as it goes along.  It's so important to amnesty millions of illegal immigrants that we can't wait for Congress to get around to passing a law.  It is so important to dig out the racists in the Ferguson, Missouri, police department that the Attorney General of the United States needs to show up and whip the investigations along.

The point of the rule of law, of the separation of powers, of equality under the law is that anything else leads to mistrust and conflict.  Liberals think that their moral superiority franchises them to bend the rules a little in order to push along the march of progress.

They are wrong, of course, and they will pay for their folly.

Unfortunately the rest of us are going to have to pay for liberal folly as well.  Big time.

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