Thursday, June 12, 2014

Could a Democrat Get Cantored?

Everyone who is anyone agrees that the Tea Party is a dangerous bunch of extremists.  That's when they aren't agreeing that the Tea Party is a bunch of clueless Sharron Angles and Christine O'Donnells.

But I find myself wondering: could anything like the Tea Party happen to the Democrats?

Let's look back.  The last time that the Democrats had agitation in the ranks was the Occupy movement in 2010.  Was that a grass-roots movement?  Er, I don't think so.  The media climbed aboard it immediately, and the Obamis seemed to think it was going to power them to reelection and the war on inequality.  It looked suspiciously like a political cats-paw owned and operated by the ruling class.

Then there was the 2000s with the Kos Kidz.  But were they really a bottom-up movement like the Tea Party?  At any rate they seemed to get on pretty well with the Democratic establishment, pushing them just a little bit harder on Iraq than the regular politicians wanted.

Or the Democratic Leadership Conference that operated in the late 1980s and the 1990s?  The idea was to moderate the Democratic brand to make it more electable.  That meant a "third way" between left and right.  But was it a grass roots movement?  Hardly.  The grass roots was lefty.  The DLC was an attempt by a group of Dem leaders to present the Democratic Party in a new moderate way to the voters after the evident success of the Reagan revolution.

OK, what about the Sixties, and the movement against the Vietnam War, the New Left, the McGovern generation?  Was that a genuine revolution?  Not really.  Wasn't it really a movement at the top?  Wasn't it really the radical kids of elite liberal parents living out the logical implication of their parents' political beliefs?  At any rate the media, after a few false starts, got solidly behind the kids.  Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam War in 1968 and the Tet Offensive.  I'd say that the Sixties radicals amounted to a palace coup against the old big-city machines run by the Daleys, leaders of the white working class.  When the smoke cleared you had elite liberals in charge of the cities with an African-American militia to supply the political muscle.  And the old white working class headed for the suburbs.

Seems to me that in America right now you could not get in the Democratic Party a real bottom-up political movement like the Tea Party.  The Democratic Party is completely run by the ruling class.  There is no opportunity for dissent, no opportunity for some nobody like a Dave Brat to step into a Congressional primary.  Why, we just saw liberal poster girl Sandra Fluke told to go to the back of the line when she thought she'd run for Congress.  That's because the Democratic Party is a great big political machine and there are dozens of young Democratic lawyers and activists higher up the food chain from newcomer Fluke.  And they get first dibs at the loot.

The point is pretty simple.  The Democratic Party is a great big looting and pillaging machine.  You join the party or vote for its candidates because you want a share of the loot.  Hey, how about these SSA administrative judges handing out billions in Disability Insurance to the folks!  But the Republican Party is for people that don't really want loot.  They want to live their lives as People of the Responsible Self.  And every few years the GOP party supporters revolt against their Outer Party leaders that succumb to the temptations of office, and just want to go along to get along with the ruling class in the Inner Party.

Like right now.

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  1. Interesting and thought provoking as is often the case! Thanks for the dose of insight.