Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is This What You Really Wanted Liberals?

Yesterday I noted Matt Bai's rundown on the rich-bitch Democracy Alliance.  How it's now just a fully-owned dependency of the Democratic Party as it signs up the head of the National Education Association.  Oh well, those rich billionaires that thought they were creating a left-wing version of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" got what they paid for.

Maybe more than they reckoned for.

Sharyl Attkisson tells us why in a Changing Lanes interview on RealClearPolitics.  Attkisson did some stories back in the day that really burned the Bush administration.  And liberals loved her.  But when she started pushing on Fast and Furious, then all of a sudden she experienced determined pushback from TalkingPointsMemo and Media Matters for America for sloppy journalism.  Guess what.  TPM and MM get funding from folks like Democracy Alliance.

According to Attkisson the pushback from the lefty media foghorns was a lot more intense and brutal than the pushback from the Bush administration and conservatives.

Here we have a problem liberals.  You guys have convinced yourself that there's a hard-ass implacable "right-wing message machine" that you guys have to oppose by pushing back twice as hard.

Only you guys are deluding yourselves.  Your problem is not that conservatives have their own policy shops and media outlets.  You are pissed off that anyone dares to oppose the liberal narrative.  So you think that the answer is to overwhelm the opposition with your own "message machine."

But you know what?  Your brilliant tactics is in the process of making the biggest mess in American politics in our lifetimes.  Because you guys aren't brilliant; you are clueless.  Let us rehearse the ways that this is so.

First, your full-court press means that we don't get to have a serious discussion of the issues.  It means that conservative voices don't get heard and it means that liberal reporters are afraid to question anything coming out of the liberal "message machine."  Can you spell Obamacare?

Then there is the little problem of Obama's phone and pen.  Let's face it, if some Republican president tried this, there would be hell to pay.  And that is quite from the minor fact that a Republican president wouldn't do it because Republicans have this weird fetish about the Constitution.  My liberal friends don't seem to have heard this, but the big problem with kids swarming over the border is connected with the president deciding to implement the DREAM Act without benefit of Congress. Someone sent the message down to Central America that kids get in free.  And now the New York Times, according to my liberal friends, is telling its liberal readers that the president is working hard to fix the problem. Yea!

But ya know what liberals?  If, way back, you guys had said wait a minute, Mr. President, we can't change the law by executive fiat, then the poor helpless New York Times wouldn't be having to grudgingly tell us that the president is getting right on to fixing this disaster of little kids packed on the top of railroad cars like Depression Era bums.

There are numerous instances of the president's illegal violations of law, from his administrative nullification of welfare reform and expansion of food stamps, and they won't turn out well.  Because any opposition absolutely hates a government that doesn't obey the law.  Remember how pissed off you guys were when "Bush Lied, People Died?"

The problem with the "left-wing message machine" is that liberals told themselves it was merely a response to the conservative message machine.  But anyone with a heartbeat can tell is that the left-wing machine is clearly not just a ramp of lefty activist groups, but coordinated into the whole government, from the White House to the IRS.  I don't think you guys realize what a gift this is to Republicans and all of us racists, sexists, and homophobes.  Nobody understands finance and debt and health policy.  Everyone loves their local teachers and so the teachers unions are able to stop education reform.

But hey liberals! People sure understand using the IRS to punish your enemies!

There's a bigger issue here, liberals, and I hope you don't pay attention.  You chaps are used to sitting in the catbird seat.  You are used to exercising the power of the race card.  You are used to kicking young men out of school for not quite ticking all the feminist boxes on lefty sexual etiquette.  You are delighted to pile on an aging rich billionaire talking trash to his mistress.  You think it nothing to humiliate a tech guy for the sin of not quite going the Full Monty on gay marriage.  The thing is that ordinary people hate this bullying. Or they can easily be made to hate it.

Back in the 1990s I voted for Bill Clinton because I knew that only a Democratic president would revive interest in getting a GOP Congress.

In 2008 I voted for Obama because I wanted Democrats to stop barracking Bush and actually show and tell what they believed in for a foreign policy.

What I did not appreciate was that the Obama years would develop into a pedal-to-the-metal effort to push the liberal agenda a far as it could go.  Not by consensus, or even the ironical Chomskian "manufactured consensus," but by raw power and bullying.

You really couldn't give conservatives a better gift.  When we've said that liberals are really fascists (as in Jonah Goldberg) or closet totalitarians (as in F.A. Hayek) we sounded like Chicken Little squawking that the sky was falling.  But when liberals actually do in real time what we warned would eventually come way into the future at the end of the Road to Serfdom, well, it kinda shows that we know what we are talking about.

See you at the polls, liberals.

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