Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Teach Rapists Not to Rape

There's a big flap going on in SF quarters right now about rape.  Conservative SF writer Larry Correia in his blog affirmed the advice of Miss Nevada that women should take self-defense classes to protect themselves from rapists.

Apparently this is all wrong.  The current liberal narrative is that there is a "rape culture" in the US and that instead of teaching women to defend themselves we should "teach men not to rape."  After all, rape is not women's fault so why should it be their responsibility to defend themselves?

This would be comical if it weren't so serious.  Look, if women are to go out into the world as independent women without the protection of their fathers then there's a chance they might run into a nasty.  What's a woman to do then?  Teach the guy not to rape?

Women in general and feminists in particular have no idea how men's minds work.  One of the biggest differences is that if you teach a girl something she will dutifully learn it and repeat it back to you.  But boys resist learning.  That's why we have Basic Training and Boot Camp for soldiers.  Basic Training is not about teaching anything.  It is about ramming lessons home to a "licentious soldiery."

I have a little private joke about Jaques' tale of the second age of man in As You Like It:
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. 
My point is that you don't see little girls "creeping like a snail / Unwillingly to school."  Why?  Because little girls do what they are told and are glad to do it.  Want to teach men not to rape, other than nice well-brushed upper-middle class lads?  You put the fear of God or the drill instructor in them.

And that brings up the bigger point.  It's about the social triad of economy, government, and religion.

Ideally, in the best of all possible worlds, people would exchange and barter like they have for 200,000 years and cooperate with each other, making and doing things that are useful for other people. After all, exchange and barter are what has created the miraculous global economy.

But there is a problem.  Some people don't want to do that.  They would rather just take from other people.  They may be thieves snatching stuff from others, or they may be in a gang organized to prey on others.  Or they may be in a predatory army or a political party offering free stuff to its followers.

That's why we need government: to punish the predators and freeloaders.

But the problem is that all governments are organized as a kind of criminal conspiracy.  All governments are armed minorities occupying a patch of land from which they seize resources from the inhabitants to give to their supporters.

So we have a little problem.  The very people that are charged with defending us against predators are themselves predators.  Or, to put in in rape terms, the very people that we charge to protect us from the rapists are very often rapists themselves.

I don't need to mention any names of famous politicians for you to get the point.

So what's the solution?  It's religion, of course.  Religion does not merely teach men not to rape, it teaches them the concept of divine justice. If they rape and pillage they will burn in hell.  Yes, and they will still burn in hell even if they "get away with it" and escape human justice.  Because God Knows, and God will judge all the sinners in the next life.

What we see in our liberal universities and schools is liberals trying to create a secular religion to replace the religion of Judeo-Christian personal responsibility that they have spent the last century trying to destroy.  All the stuff about sexual harassment and rape culture and freshman indoctrination is an attempt to restore some sort of order after the liberals declared that the old order of male courtesy towards women was nothing but patriarchal oppression.

Meanwhile we are raising a generation of feral young men that have never had fathers.  But no worries. We will just teach these home-boys not to rape.

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