Tuesday, March 13, 2018

GOP Russian Collusion: Just an Incompetent Deep State Job

Yesterday the House Intelligence Committee reported "nothing to see here" on the Russian collusion theory, and today there's a long tic-toc piece on NRO Online that provides the narrative of "why." Why have the Democrats been pushing their Russian collusion narrative?

In the NRO piece by Michael Doran the whole thing just grew, in a Deep State, Creatures of the Swamp way, as the 2016 election year developed. In Doran's telling, first there was Hillary's emails, then there was the DNC emails showing that the DNC and Hillary's campaign had conspired to keep old Bernie down. Then there was Trump saying: "hey, why dontcha ask Putin about those emails." Then you had the developing Steele dossier gambit that needed Russia connections for the Trump campaign and the only two remotely available were Manafort and Page. Then there are the talking points that appeared on Hillary's campaign website:
1. What’s behind Trump’s fascination with Vladimir Putin?

2. Why does Trump surround himself with advisers with links to the Kremlin?

3. Why do Trump’s foreign policy ideas read like a Putin wish list?

4. Do Trump’s still-secret tax returns show ties to Russian oligarchs?

5. Why is Trump encouraging Russia to interfere in our election?
Yeah! Go get 'im! How dare Trump insult our intrepid intelligence agencies by suggesting Putin might lend a hand! See how this might encourage the duller dogs in the Swamp to interpret this as the famous line of Henry II: "who will rid me of this troublesome priest."

Also, do you think that, in a clumsy Hillary Clinton way, the Clinton people wanted to deflect the huge scandal of Hillary's emails and Hillary/DNC deep-sixing Bernie with a cry that cut across the whole thing: what about those Russians!

In my "they are all idiots" theory, the whole Russia collusion narrative is nothing more than idiots making a complete mess of things: in the campaign, in the intelligence agencies. And then you have dear President Obama putting his oar into the Hillary email issue by declaring in April 2016, well before the completion of the FBI investigation, that Hillary merely displayed a "carelessness in terms of managing emails."

Earth to ordinary US military and government employees: Do not try this! Carelessness in terms of managing classified emails will land you in jail!

They say that the boss of an organization sets the tone for everyone. You can certainly say that President Obama set the tone that anything was permissible in the service of bending the arc of history towards justice. And the point is that, when the boss shows a rather cavalier attitude towards the rules this translates, for the operatives down in the organization, to you'd better bend the rules for the boss, or else.

The question is what happens next. When the Republican House Intelligence Committee, perhaps soon followed by the Senate Intelligence Committee, followed by the conservative commentariat are all saying "nothing to see here" it puts pressure on Special Counsel Mueller to put up or shut up, a challenge that I am sure Tweeter-in-Chief Trump is up to.

And, of course, the longer that the Mueller train keeps on going, the more justification arises to ask questions about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and the curious case of Uranium One and the Russians way back in the Obama administration.

Here's how the world should have been, starting November 8, 2016. First, Hillary Clinton appears at her campaign headquarters on election night and concedes the election. Congratulations to Donald Trump, and we are not just Democrats and Republicans, but we are all Americans, first and last. Then the Obama guys assist the Trumpists in their transition, and the whole Hillary email issue quietly disappears beneath the waves.

But when you don't concede the election and you raise the Russia Collusion issue then you allow all the issues around the election to be raised and investigated: hello emails. If you have half a head on your shoulders you realize that, and so you concede the election, pronto.

But if you are an idiot, in accordance with my "they are all idiots theory," then you don't see this, because you are an idiot and you can't see the strategic issues that are staring you right in the face.

I think that Hillary Clinton is an idiot. She just doesn't have the strategic chops to be in high politics. And that is why her record in high politics is one long trail of mistakes and blunders. And that goes for her recent remarks in India about the Republican red states being all losers.

By the way. President Trump is not an idiot. He just plays one on TV.

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