Friday, July 21, 2017

A Visit to the Museum of the American Revolution

Yesterday, on our way home from burying Marjorie's mother next to her husband and her son, we visited the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

First of all, you will be glad to know that the interior is done in a neo-18th century style that looks and feels appropriately staid and grand.

Secondly, the visitors there were overwhelmingly ciswhiteheteropatriarchal. All except the staff, who included a nice young Muslim in a hijab in the cafe. Imagine!

Third, the ritual bows to women, slaves, and native Americans were not too offensive.

But here are my real takeaways.

It seems to me that a serious revolution must start with a a bunch of rowdies that are all stirred up about nothing at all. Today there is a piece by Michael Barone about the Detroit riot of 50 years ago. It all started when the police arrested a bunch of blacks at an illegal "blind pig" bar. Imagine!

It also seems to me that you need a bunch of talented propagandists and phrasemakers, your Thomas Paines and whatnot. That is in addition to a real intellectual movement, the one that Jefferson & Co. belonged to. A revolution needs constant agitation and it sure helps if the propaganda is top-line material based on valuable thought about society and not stupid superficial stuff like today's intersectional left.

Now we get to the military side of things. There is an excellent video wall display in the middle of the museum; it's a map of the North Atlantic that shows the key events of each year from 1775 to the Treaty of Paris in 1783. It seems to me that the key events were the failure of the Brits to end the rebellion in 1776 when they sent a 500 ship invasion force (yay National Debt!) to New York. Second, was the contribution of the rebel ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin, who got the French in on our side. Third was the Brits' attempt to push inland from Charleston, SC into the interior where they ran into trouble with frontiersmen skirmishers. Fourth was the Battle of Yorktown, which was won, I heard recently, by a crack team of rebel malarial mosquitoes that laid the British forces low. Fourth was the entry of Spain into the war.

The point is that when the Brits found that the French and the Spanish were against them, things started to look a bit dicey. Better let the rebels go and hold onto the rest of the British Empire.

Anyway, the whole thing turned out fine as the Brits and the Germans did for the French 30 years later at the end of the Napoleonic Wars and what I call the Second Hundred Years War.

The whole experience at the Museum made me think seriously about what we deplorables really want. We don't like the liberal hegemony, that's for sure. But the question is, what are we prepared to do about it, and do we have the chops, from alt-right crazies to deep political thinkers to a corps of activists that can take the battle to the liberals? And what about allies?

Of course, the other possibility is for the liberals to run out of other peoples' money. That certainly would put the US in a pre-revolutionary situation. I dare say that the US armed forces and police departments would not be as favorably disposed towards the liberals as the armed forces of, say, Venezuela.

But the bottom line is this: do we deplorables have the cojones to challenge our liberal slave-masters?

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