Monday, July 17, 2017

What's All This About Treason?

Remember back in the day when liberals were really touchy about patriotism? Hillary Clinton spoke for all liberals back in the Bush administration when she said:
I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.
Yes indeed. Then came the Obama administration. Fortunately, the Obamis and their willing accomplices in the media did not question the patriotism of regime opponents. They just called them racists if they opposed the president.

So on the one hand you are not allowed to criticize Democrats for opposing a Republican administration, because, hey, we're Americans and we got rights. But you are not allowed to criticize a Democratic administration because racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Or any other  pejorative that the intersectional SJWs at Activism Central might come up with.

Back in the Cold War it was insupportable to dare to mention the "T" word. Oh No! That was McCarthyism! How dare anyone accuse Alger Hiss of Treason and  spying for the Commies. And how dare anyone say a word against the noble and innocent Rosenbergs, condemned to death and executed -- for what? McCarthyism, straight up.

But now, pore little Donald Trump Jr. has a meeting with a curious Russian character, you know, the lady that was given a special waiver to enter the US without a visa by the Obama Justice Department, and Democrats start talking about Treason!

I  am just starting a book by ├╝berlefty J├╝rgen Habermas about Theory and Praxis and how the purely theoretical approach of the ancient philosophers and the Natural Law chappies had to be replaced by a critical theory that combined both theory and practice in an environment of proper communications where ordinary people are included in the conversation.

But today, we have a "depoliticized public" that is not involved in "a general discursive formation of the public will". Only the left-wing media and Democratic politicians and lefty NGOs are allowed to participate in the conversation. Everybody else is afraid to speak.

That because liberals and progressives and Democrats and all their activist groups are yelling pejoratives from dawn to dusk; there is no chance for conversation.

When Habermas advances his theory of communicative action, recognizing, after Wittgenstein, that humans are fundamentally communicative folks that use language to interact and cooperate, he is assuming that lefty communication and theory and practice will replace the flawed bourgeois notions of "advanced capitalism."

That is assuming that Habermas is serious about serious non-hegemonic communications. I suspect though that he imagines that non-hegemonic communication is inherently critical and inherently leads to the deconstruction of "advanced capitalism" and its replacement by an egalitarian liberatory society where people are truly free rather that formally free.

Suppose he is wrong, and that open dialog  and conversation leads to a small government society without a starring role for a lefty educated class? What does the robin do then, poor thing?

What the robin does then, poor thing, is to start to shout and sing, and drown out any discouraging word, and starts to call ordinary elite Americans traitors.

The robin is telling us that the whole lefty project is in real trouble, from its theory of society to its practice of centralized administrative systems. And don't forget it was from Frankfurt School lefties that I got my meme of "System is Domination." It really is getting a little old that in a society where the ruling class is all over anyone that dares to challenge its left-wing assumptions that old-fashioned oppression and exploitation are still as bad as ever. Is it really true to say, as this Good Little Girl does:
I believe in liberation. I believe it is our duty to obliterate white supremacy, anti-blackness, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, and imperialism.
And obliterate it with what? Leftist supremacy, anti-whiteness, anything-but-hetero-archy, socialism, and lefist cultural imperialism?

The fact is that our lefty friends are in a trap. They have been implementing their cultural and political agenda in the name of liberation for the last century, and the truth is that lefty liberation doesn't liberate; its imprisons. They are no longer saying that their top-down centralized administrative dominatory systems are a wonder. So they are reduced to saying that if you touch a hair of Medicad [sic] then millions will die. They find themselves accusing their opponents of treason.

They are in the position of President Maduro of Venezuela that is desperately saying and doing anything to keep his socialist disaster from imploding.

We conservatives, we normals, are often intimidated by our liberal friends, who so confidently expound upon race and sex and equality. But when they are "resisting" the election results for the second time in sixteen years, and when they are starting to accuse people of treason in addition to the regular menu of racism, sexism, and homophobia, then we have to assume that something is going very wrong for them. Confident people, secure in their world view, do not have to accuse and blame. They accept electoral defeat with a wink, knowing that the next election, or the next but one will be "time for a change."

But if the times are out of joint, if the Inconceivable! has happened, if a rank beginner has routed the ruling class despite all its advantages and its patronage, then the ordinary timid peaceful protester and Progressive Activist, Second Class, starts to quiver. Something is going wrong; perhaps the racist sexist insurgents are at the gate.

McCarthyism flourished in the late 1940s after the Democrats had won five presidential elections in a row. Republicans started looking under the bed to figure out what was going on. They suspected treason and espionage and actually they were right. There were people on the left that had let their enthusiasm for a better world trump their loyalty to country. Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy; the Rosenbergs did steal atomic secrets. So maybe the Republicans of the era had an excuse for a bit of paranoia.

But Democrats got paranoid that George W. Bush won in a normal Time for a Change election after two terms of Bill Clinton. Now they are resisting after another Time for a Change election after two terms of Obama. You have to be a particularly dull kind of person not to understand that the political pendulum swings to and fro and this is a good thing that keeps the nation from civil war.

And if your partisans are screaming Treason when the son of the president meets with a foreign national, what is their problem? And what is your problem?

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