Monday, July 10, 2017

Of Course the Norks Want Nukes

The general line of the global ruling class on the North Korea problem seems to be that North Korean nukes is a very bad idea.

That's because the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a crazy man, etc.

I don't think so. I don't think that Kim is crazy. I think that Kim is merely playing the hand that was dealt him.

In my view, a small, weak country like North Korea needs to have nukes, because that's the only way that it can deter the larger powers from bullying it around and even invading and toppling the government.

Why do you think that the US invaded Iraq? Or kicked Libya into chaos? Why do you think that the whole world is mucking about in Syria. I will tell you.

It's because these small, weak countries did not have nukes.

Now think about the situation of dictator Kim. Or rather think about him as the third generation of the Kim dynasty in North Korea.

Kim is faced on one side by South Korea, a vibrant state and growing economy that is now, with a per capita GDP of $27,000, right there in the rich kids club. By all rights, Kim should just give up the game and surrender North Korea and its $600 per capita GDP into the prosperous arms of its southern neighbor. Hello! $27,000 versus $600!

But then on the other hand there is China. China kinda likes the idea of a throttle-bottom North Korea between it and the rich kids in South Korea. And no doubt it likes the idea of North Korea as a burr under the saddle of the US. But, from the point of view of Kim, there is a problem. The Chinese leaders might revise their idea of the benefit of a miserably poor buffer state. Or it might decide that the time has come for the Kim dynasty to be replaced by a real puppet regime.

So it makes complete sense for Kim to bankrupt his $600 per capita GDP country so he can have nukes and ICBMs. Because so long as he has nukes and can theoretically nuke the US, or Japan, or South Korea then he feels that he is safe from invasion and replacement.

Yes, you say. But what in the world is dictator Kim doing building ICBMs and nukes when his country is a dirt poor basket case limping along at $600 per capita per year? The answer is obvious. Rulers do not care about their people. They only care about staying in power, and as long as the leader remains in power, life is good. No doubt the Kim family have resources stashed in banks and whatnot outside of North Korea so that they have a place to go if and when they get removed from office. But that is Plan B. Plan A is to rule North Korea.

But meanwhile, dictator Kim needs nukes. And he needs us to think that he is crazy enough to use them.

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