Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yes, Inflation is Hidden in Govt.Health Care and Education. But Who Will Bell the Cat?

If you want to know where inflation went, given that it must be somewhere, what with zero-interest-rate-policy and all, the answer is simple, writes my man Kevin Williamson.

Inflation went to live in the sectors run by government. Housing price inflation. Education price inflation. Health care price inflation. And usually, each of these things screw the young and poor.

Obviously the Fannie/Freddie housing scam favors people that already have houses. Fannie and Freddie just make it easier for young people to waste their youthful energy on propping up the house prices of their elders with liar loans. In the ensuing crash, women and minorities hardest hit.

In lower education we have lifetime teachers failing to teach poor and minority students and in higher education we have "free money available to consumers in the form of loans with no underwriting standards and concessionary interest rates." So universities jack up their prices and hire lots more administrators. And the kids pay the bill.

In health care "Pouring an extra $1 trillion into health-care subsidies will not make medical care less expensive; it probably will end up making it more expensive." The big idea with Obamacare, you'll remember, was to force the kids to get health insurance once they got off their parents' policy at age 26.

But that doesn't stop a commenter from complaining about the system.
4. Except for hypothetical idealistic beliefs in the perfection of a market system, realize there is NO BENEFIT to having for-profit healthcare unless you are a doctor, pharmaceutical company or insurer.
As long as there are people like that there will be politicians offering "free" health care.

But enough of that. Wot I want to know is, how do we crash the system so that the government inflation is purged out of housing, education, and health care?

I think we could do it on housing, because nobody really understands Fannie/Freddie, and the government has inadvertently throttled the housing game with Dodd-Frank bureaucracy. Kids and minorities and women hardest hit.

On education, the lower education answer is school choice and homeschooling. And really, how dumb can the teachers be for putting all their political eggs in the basket of one party?

The real question is health care. How do we lance the boil? How do we start a parallel system, that is like Uber to the taxicab cartel, that quietly and inconspicuously starts undermining the whole horrible corrupt government-irradiated health care system?

Honestly I don't know. But that is why we have entrepreneurs and innovators and startups and venture capitalists. Get to work you guys, and no lunch at Il Fornaio until you launch the affordable health care app.

Hey, I know. How about health care on the home-delivery model used by the food-delivery apps. You hit the Health app on your smartphone, and wait for a health care provider to show up at your door. She could have a van all tricked out with the regular stuff you need to provide GP services.

Hmm. That would mean elbowing in on the Fire Department's aid car racket.

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