Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Out In The Woods: America's Big Problem Is Liberals

Here I am out in the woods -- OK I am staying at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in the Olympic National Park -- and I don't have a clue what happened with The Debate last night.

Did The Donald raise the delicate question of the President and the Secretary of State emailing using an unsecured private server and lying about it? Did he mention how if anyone else working for the federal government had done such a thing they would be vacationing right now at Camp Fed?

Did Hillary push the line that all the Democratic operatives with bylines have been pushing: the desperate national problem of Trump Lies?

I don't have a clue, because I am out in the woods, with no cell signal and no wifi. The last hint of cell signal was about 10 miles back down the road. But what about data?

So I am going to write about the bigger question, the question that faces us whether Trump wins the election or Hillary wins the election.

It is the problem of liberal hegemony. Simply put, it is the problem that today in America if you dissent from the liberal line in thought, word, or deed, you are branded as a racist, sexist homophobe.

We conservatives have been joking about Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" remark, but we shouldn't.  What was amusing was the clumsiness of her remark. The way the pros do it is not to actually categorize half of Trump's supporters as deplorables and irredeemable. You are supposed to be much more vague, to make racism, sexim, homophobia into a vague infection of the body politic. Because Rule One in politics is that you don't insult the voters.

By the way, "irredeemable" is a religious term. It means that the people in question can't be saved by Christ the Redeemer. So what in the world is Hillary Clinton, the globalist progressive, doing using terms more appropriate for the sawdust trail? Is that her famous Methodism rearing its head?

Here's the problem. If you want to talk about racists, then the chaps you need to work on are the racist black Reverends and the well-born racist activists running Black Lives Matter. Only you wouldn't dare.

If you want to talk about sexists, then the chappettes you need to talk about are the feminists that have escalated the age-old war between the sexes into an all out Armageddon. And the problem with the feminists is not merely political; it is existential. Under the influence of the feminists and progressive politics women are having a ton less children. In fact, in most rich countries women are not having enough babies for population replacement. If you don't think that is a problem then you don't have a clue. But you better not mention this.

If you want to talk about bigots, then you need to talk about the virulent bigotry coming from the LGBT chaps. Look, the bushes may be full of homophobes, but they aren't organized politically. Gays and lesbians are organized, and they are ready to pounce on anyone that dissents from their LGBT orthodoxy.

As I have written in my latest AT piece, there is a reason that the globalist progressives do their racist, sexist, homophobic accusation thing. To make their globalist governance thing work they need to devalue and destroy the culture and the politics of the nation state. They need to destroy the loyalty that people have for the flag, and for the idea that America is the best country in the world and the American people are the best people in the world. That is why liberals insist on the right of a black football player to disrespect the national anthem but run a white baseball player out of town for tweets opposing the black Charlotte Rioters. That is why they are out accusing everyone of Islamophobia, to the extent that people are afraid to report suspicious Muslim terrorist behavior. That is why people don't have the guts to tell black racists to take it where the sun don't shine. The globalist-progressives need to divide America in order to conquer it.

Un bel di, one fine day, a politician is going to crack the code on this, and the corrupt and vicious globalist-progressive cabal will collapse like a house of cards.

But meanwhile, we are living under the cruel and unjust rule of the Hillary Clintons and the Barack Obamas, and the country is splitting apart.

What we need, of course, is a nice little war to unify us. Bismarck did it, first with a nice little war against Denmark(!), then a war against Austria-Hungary, then a war against the French. All very clean and surgical. At the end of it all, he had unified the many German states into one German nation. Here at home in World War II, FDR unified all the Irish and the Italians and the Jews, the immigrant wave of 1900, into a single American nation. It took 20 years, and the rising generation of the Sixties, to start the process of splitting us all apart.

Now we need someone to unify blacks and Hispanics into the single American nation, in the teeth of opposition from our globalist-progressive ruling class.

If you haven't figured it out, I will explain what is going to happen. Sooner or later, our leaders will have to unify us to fight a war against global Islam. What will happen is that, just like with the German-Americans in World War I, Muslim-Americans will go all quiet. Because, apart from a few crazies, they want what America provides; otherwise they wouldn't have come here.

In One of Ours, the incandescent writer Willa Cather makes an incident, in passing, with a couple of Germans out in the heartland that got a bit shirty during World War I. They brought these doughty German farmers up in court, and the judge was kind to them. He said to the German Americans: cut it out, or we will have to throw the book at you. And that was the end of that. I dare say the same thing would work with America's Muslims.

America's real problem is not racist, sexist homophobe conservatives; it is not racist blacks, or sexist femininsts, or bigoted LGBTs. And it is certainly not the poor bloody deplorable white working class.

America's Big Problem is liberals.

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