Thursday, June 16, 2016

End the Cringe Now!

Back in 2014 Paul Krugman was happily celebrating the news that "Democrats have lost their post-Reagan cringe." And here I thought that the only problem was the conservative Cringe where race, women, and gays are concerned. Every conservative public figure knows that a clumsy word can end a career. So anyone to the right of Elizabeth Warren knows they better zip that lip, or the liberal speech police will zip it for them. And zip their job as well.

Now I can't say that the Cringe has hurt me, not too much. The CEO of the consulting firm i used to work for did ask "where did he come from" when I made a WrongThink remark at a diversity training session. But I did keep my job. So there's that. But then I'm a sensitive guy and am pretty careful to tailor my remarks to my audience.

And yes, Krugman has a point about the Democratic post-Reagan cringe. The Democrats realized after Reagan's Morning in America 1984 blowout election that their hippy-dippy days from the Sixties were over. They discovered, rather late, that Americans hated the fascist left of the Weathermen and the campus rebels. They hated riots in the cities; they hated inflation; they hated recession; they hated gas lines;and they hated being bossed around by liberal hypocrites.

So yeah. Democrats have lost their post-Reagan cringe. But I think that Krugman's assertion that it is "the craziness of the right in some ways empowers the moderate left" is clue-less. The point is that a new generation of "progressives" has arisen that knew not Reagan. Just like it says in South Pacific, almost, you've got to be carefully taught, K thru grad school, to believe in lefty rubbish, and they have. So the new generation of lefties has put the pedal to the metal, even though, since Obama's election in 2008, we have seen two Republican wave elections and the unusual 2012 election where a president running for re-election got a smaller share of the vote than when he was first elected. And now we have Donald Trump.

No the Real Cringe is the receiving end of the cultural hegemony of the left's racist, sexist, homophobic naming and shaming aggression. Do not, repeat, do not get caught making a remark that the left can use to accuse you of racism, sexism, or homophobia. It is laughable that Krugman does not get this, and imagines that the moderation in leftist rhetoric demanded by the election of Ronald Reagan is any way comparable to the relentless leftist cultural war that can cost a typical American his job for a careless word. You have to be a regime insider in the ruling class bubble to write as Krugman writes.

Notice that the cringe, for Krugman, has to do with losing elections. The Cringe, for conservatives, has to do with liberal cultural imperialism that seeps into every corner of American life.

The problem for Republicans and for conservatives in 2016 is that their voters are fed up with the Cringe. Fed up to the back teeth, as the Brits say. And the fed-upness extends beyond the rebel voters of Ted Cruz. Thus Donald Trump.

The point about Donald Trump is that he offers the hope of a possibility of the End of the Cringe. Even though he recently did a cringe on the Judge Curiel issue.

The problem for conservatives and Republicans is that the Trump tactics to End the Cringe rather go against our People of the Responsible Self culture of politeness and decorum. Not to go all Hegel on this, but the Trump tactics return to the hunter-gatherer Fight to the Death instead of the mutual recognition of the "other" that is required of the Slaves who Work in the global economy.

The question that should exercise the Trump skeptics and other #NeverTrump-ers is simple. Where is your plan to End the Cringe? If you chaps have a plan to reverse or outflank or double-envelop the liberal cultural imperialist army, let's hear it.

The fact is that Donald Trump is the only guy in town that has demonstrated the ability and the stamina to End the Cringe. He even has the cojones to call out The Washington Post on a blatant Democratic-operatives-with-bylines headline that monstrously misrepresented Trump. Imagine!

It doesn't hurt that just about now the whole ruling class agenda is crumbling around its ears. Its top-down regulation-by-experts model is crumbling; its buy-the-voters-with-their-own-money entitlements are tottering. And the immigration surge has provoked a terrorism surge rather like the anarchist surge of a century ago, recently discussed by Steve Sailer.

Did you know there were recent immigrants running around bombing people in the Good Old USA a century ago, and eventually, the government "did something" about it? Go read about it; it's fascinating.

And now an Afghan American gay has murdered a bunch of Hispanic gays in Orlando.

Mr. President, is it safe? Because some of us think it is time to End the Cringe Now!

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