Friday, June 10, 2016

Breaking Out of the PC Box

Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently got in trouble for objecting that the federal judge in his Trump University case was probably biased, being a member of a La Raza associated lawyers group and all.

And the GOP elders all united to condemn Donald Trump for racism.

Come on, Americans, this circular firing squad has to stop.

Not that I blame the judge, Gonzalo Curiel. Getting on the bench is a political thing, and if you have Hispanic ancestry it helps to belong to a Hispanic group to demonstrate your racial bona fides to the Great Mentioners that get your name on the List.

But unhyphenated Americans have got to get with the program. We must stop the silencing, the oppression, the totalitarianism of leftist PC politics. Jonah Goldberg this morning has a piece on liberals wanting to start a "conversation," which usually means liberals getting set to shut you up.

And that means, following Vox Day, that we have to take the attitude of "We Don't Care" whenever liberals play the racist/sexist/homophobe card.

Let's give the liberals credit. The whole intolerant tolerance thing invented by Herbert Marcuse is pure genius. You set up a frankly racist sexist politics and then you accuse anyone that objects to your racist sexist politics of racism and sexism. What is not to like?

And liberals will go on doing this until we non-hyphenated Americans say: "Call me a racist, sexist hompohobe. I Don't Care."

And the time to start practicing this new and improved attitude is right now while Donald Trump is running for president.

It ought to be a scandal that a federal judge belongs to a group with "Raza" in its name. It ought to be a scandal that Justice Sotomayor can utter a racist catchphrase to suggest that a "wise Latina" has a special inside track on the law. It ought to be a scandal that liberals are packing public institutions across the land with knee-jerk liberals on the argument of "diversity." It ought to be a scandal that Reverends Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright have not been dispatched to Outer Slobbovia for their frank racism.

Look, I know why the Republican elite responds to a cry of racism by cowering in their bunker. It is because their experience is that you can't win, because The New York Times can put you above the fold for a month to make sure that you know your place, because their experience is that a misplaced word can cost you your career. And it's because Republicans are decent people that are not that interested in power and just want everyone to get along.

Trouble is that Republicans are dealing with people who are interested in power, very interested in power. The aftermath of the anti-Trump riots in San Jose, California illustrated that perfectly. A Huffington Post writer, Jesse Benn:
Violent resistance matters. Riots can lead to major change (*note the irony of that hyperlink going to a Vox article). It’s not liberal politicians or masses that historians identify as the spark underlying the modern movement for LGBTQ equality. Nor was it a think piece from some smarmy liberal writer. It was the people who took to the streets during the Stonewall Uprising. It was the Watts Rebellion, not the Watts Battle of Ideas, that exposed the enduring systemic neglect, poverty, inequality, and racism faced by that community. Similarly, it was the LA Uprising, not the LA Protests, that led to significant changes in the Los Angeles Police Department. More recently, the Ferguson and Baltimore Uprisings both helped prompt the Justice Department to investigate their corrupt police forces.
What this young man does not seem to understand is that once you justify violence for your side, the good side, then you have licensed it for the other side, the bad side. The whole paraphernalia of laws and institutions and elections and representation is to provide ample opportunity for people with a grievance to advertise their oppression and get the ruling class to pay attention without going into the streets.

That's why the liberal resort to shutting up their critics is wrong; that is why teaching young heads full of mush that "riots can lead to major change" is wrong. That's why the cringing GOP establishment is wrong.

If we shut down robust debate in the public square then we are setting ourselves up for trouble. If we practice racism and call it "diversity" then we are setting ourselves up for trouble.

The reason that Donald Trump is presumptive nominee of the Republican Party is that the professional politicians in the Republican Party have failed us. Not because they are evil and feckless, but because they have been cunningly herded into a box by the left and its Frankfurt School identity politics.

Well, now it is time to break out of the box. Frankly, I don't know how to do it. I figure that the professional politicians and activists are the ones that should know the techniques of changing the "conversation."

But somebody has to figure it out, and soon.

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