Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump Hauls White Working Class into the GOP Boat

For years, conservatives have been bemoaning the GOP's inability to expand the party. But now that Donald Trump has done it, we conservatives are complaining, because Trump has done it the wrong way.

Of course, the idea was that the GOP would expand by appealing to Hispanics, not the white working class. But who's keeping score?

In the cold light of day, after Trump clearly won the SEC primary over Ted Cruz, whose strategy centered on winning those southern states, we can say this.

What is so shameful about a more restrictive immigration policy that limits low-wage competition from low-skilled immigrants? The fact is that, for over a generation, liberals have used the immigration issue to import boatloads of potential Democratic voters, and named and shamed anyone that objected as a racist and a bigot. Moreover they have eroded the rule of law with their sanctuary cities and their virtual retreat from enforcing the law on illegals by burdening police with onerous reporting requirements.

Donald Trump has smashed the liberal immigration racket to smithereens.

The reason I say that Government is Injustice is that anyone wielding political power should think about how their power politics looks to the other side. There is actually no need to think about it. The other side always experiences the deployment of political power as injustice. Of course they do; government is force, taking money from some people and giving it to others, because we can.

The white working class has been on the receiving end of government for quite some time now, and like most people, they don't like it up them. For some time now, Republicans have wanted the white working class to join the Republican Party, but nobody had a clue how to do it. So Republicans and conservatives defaulted to the position that the white working class should just vote Republican if they knew what was good for them.

Yeah, we have seen how well that has sold over the years, President Romney.

Last night, Donald Trump was at his Mar-A-Lago resort trumpeting the idea that he was expanding the Republican Party. And "I'm a unifier."

That, of course, is the $64,000 question. Does Trump end up destroying the Republican Party or does he end up pulling every remaining working-class white out of the Democratic Party into the GOP column. And what about blacks and Hispanics? Conventional wisdom says that immigration politics is a third rail to Hispanics. But blacks are not at all happy with immigration, and Hispanics are said to turn anti-immigration once their family has all immigrated to the US.

Is Trump kryptonite to Republicans? Or is he a unifier that expands the party? George Neumayr of The American Spectator did an experiment, wearing a Trump hat around Manhattan earlier this winter. He kept running into people that had never voted Republican in their lives, but now...
“I like your hat,” said a bellhop to me at a boutique luxury hotel a block or so off Times Square. I had taken the hat off inside the hotel but placed it next to me on a seat. The bellhop, who described himself as “half Italian, half Hispanic,” made a point of walking over and complimenting me on my Trump hat. “I have never voted Republican in my life,” the bellhop said to me. “But I am going to vote for Trump.”
Yesterday I heard a Trump supporter tell Rush Limbaugh that Trump has actually done something, while all the other candidates have done nothing in their lives but talk. He had a point.

The story of the Republican Party since 1960 has been the story of Ronald Reagan, who said that he didn't leave the Democratic Party, the party left him. Again and again, it wasn't that the Republican Party went out and corralled a new bunch of voters. Instead the voters found them, after being cast out of the Democratic Party into the political wilderness.

If we mark the debut of All in the Family in winter 1971 as the date that the white working class was cast out of the Democratic Party, branded as racist, sexist, bigoted Archie Bunkers, every one, then the white working class has been wandering in the wilderness for about 40 years, just like the Israelites. Nobody is saying that Trump is a Moses, but he has clearly found some tablets up in them thar hills.

And really, would it harm the Republican Party to adapt itself to the political needs of the white working class? A little less immigration, a little less racial spoils, a more moderate reform of entitlements than hardcore libertarian conservatives like me would like? Is that so hard to swallow?

And really, what better time to test all this out than against the hopeless Hillary Clinton, the politician without a clue?

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