Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brussels: Look on the Bright Side

When the liberals at Vox respond to the Brussels "attentat" by writing that stopping immigration won't solve anything (H/T Steve Sailer), we should applaud.

Because it means that our liberal friends are forgetting nothing and learning nothing.

And the only way we get to solve the Islamist problem is when the liberals get discredited enough to be pushed off the stage.

The basic thing we need to do about Islamist terror is better policing. Call it "broken windows" policing that worked so well to civilize New York City and other US crime meccas. The point is that the police use data-driven methodologies like CompStat and police where the crime is. No more no-go areas surrendered to local militias. This should be easy to do, were it not for liberals that oppose it on the grounds of Islamophobia. So it cannot be implemented until liberals are marginalized and pushed off the political stage.

The next thing we need to do is to militarily defeat militarized Islam. According to German military theory there are three levels of military action: tactical, operational, and strategic. Obviously the US and its allies have the power and the means and the technique to defeat radical Islam at all these levels. It could be messy, but it is doable, were it not for liberals that oppose it on the grounds of colonialism. So it cannot be implemented until liberals are marginalized and pushed off the stage.

Which brings us to the real problem, the political and cultural problem. We are not going to deal properly with the Islamic problem until the west (or perhaps the Rest of the World) gets out of its present funk and faces Islam confidently and openly as capitalist, free, and not afraid to say so. This is a challenge, because the West is stuck in an internal culture war between a not very effective conservative movement that is not very good at standing for freedom and justice and the rule of law and a post-Marxist rump that is determined to ram every foolish idea of the last 200 years down our throats.

But this is why the Islamic crisis is such a good thing. Without it, our lefty ruling class and its poisonous race, gender, and gay/trans politics would be sailing ahead, dividing us by race, sex, religion, whatever, without a cloud in the sky. Instead the Islamic moment has revealed that the liberal emperor has no clothes.

The cultural Marxist movement was bad enough when it was just keeping blacks in a racial ghetto, separated from the rest of America by liberal race politics. It was bad enough when it taught women to hate marriage and children and desire to be eternal victims of the patriarchy. It was bad enough when it taught young Americans that the best thing in the world was to create a thing called gay marriage. But when Muslim extremists are represented as yet another marginalized and oppressed group and Americans warned against Islamophobia, then the liberal ruling class really has advanced a bridge too far. Not only that, but ordinary people in Europe and America can see it and that is why they are abandoning establishment politics and moving towards candidates and parties that insist that the government not just occupy territory, tax the inhabitants thereof and reward its supporters, but actually defend the inhabitants from harm.

Yes, I know. The humanity! The idea that governments should go beyond their petty power games of subduing the population and rewarding their supporters and actually do what they advertise and protect the people they oppress with their guns and their regime thugs!

What we need is a Great Awakening that creates a spiritual rebirth in the West. That is hard, and it can't be called to order.

The other great need is to shame the ruling class out of its poisonous secular religions and divisive politics that has done so much harm to poor and unskilled people in the West over the past 50 years, and demoralized the rest of us. This is what conservatism was called to do and has failed to do, as witness the Year of Trump.

My point is that we should not be horrified and disheartened by the rising Islamic terror. It will force us in the West to confront ourselves and clean the Augean stables. If we are up to the challenge we will create a new birth of freedom and prosperity. If not, well, if not, what's the point?

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