Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Dirty Secret About Privilege in America

Our liberal friends are full of the notion of privilege: male privilege, white privilege, check your privilege. It's so annoying.

But what can we do about it?

Let's start with the facts. In 2015, in the good old USA, there is only one kind of privilege. It is liberal privilege.

Now privilege, according to Google is:
a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.
It says it all. The only special rights, advantages, or immunities granted in America today are those licensed and distributed by the liberal ruling class to themselves and to their little darlings.

Let's start with the Scalise case. Here we have a congressman who may or may not have spoken once to the white racist David Duke's organization twelve years ago as he was rustling up support for a tax cut in the Louisiana state legislature. For that monstrous racist act, apparently, he should be relieved of his position as Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.

Really? This chap spoke once to a racist organization, maybe, by accident, twelve years ago? What about President Obama, who attended the church of a racist black minister for years. Who receives the notorious black racist and race-baiter Reverend Al Sharpton in the Oval Office? Talk about special rights and immunities.

Then there's the UVA rape case. Here we have a whole liberal movement based upon a lie, that one in five college women experience sexual assault during their time in college. But now the Bureau of Justice Statistics has a study showing the rate is more like 0.03 in five. Meanwhile we have the federal government trying to ram down new procedures in universities that make a mockery of due process. And the president of the University of Virginia feels justified in shutting down the social activities of all fraternities and sororities on the strength of a clickbait article in Rolling Stone. There's privilege for you. Liberal college president takes extra-judicial action with no repercussion. Liberal students vandalize fraternity house with no repercussion. Various liberal activist groups propose ignoring the evidence in favor of the narrative. That's what I call a special advantage.

In America in 2015 if you are a non-liberal you'd better watch your mouth. And if you want to stage a "peaceful protest" you'd better get all your parade permits and insurance in order. If you are a liberal or a liberal little darling, then you can say and do anything you want. Because social justice.

Look, this isn't a perfect world. Maybe there are un-corrected cases of white privilege and male privilege out there. But let's not ignore the elephant in the room. It's liberal privilege. Liberals are America's ruling class and they take advantage of it every day in every way.

So if somebody tasks you with checking your privilege, tell them to check their liberal privilege first. And a month later when they've completed a rather long and onerous task, then agree to talk about the other tiny and inconsequential privileges that are still hiding in the odd corner in America.

We all know what is going on here. It started with Karl Marx in the 1840s. Oh no, he cried! The working class is being horribly exploited by the bourgeoisie. So we need a government with the power to take it to the bourgeoisie before it reduces the working class to "immiseration."

It's been the same on every issue from the left ever since. Oh no! There's exploitation, there's privilege, there's discrimination, there's injustice! So we must give the government more power.

And what kind of power does the left want government to have? Why it wants the power to discriminate, to declare war on someone and teach them a lesson.

What are you talking about liberals? The only privilege in America today is liberal privilege. The only problem in America today is liberals.

And why is that? It's because the only people with real political power in America today is liberals. And really, without political power backing you up, privilege is a dead letter.

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