Friday, January 9, 2015

Changing the Societal Security Code

I'm listening to the mindless blow-by-blow CNN Paris feed at my daughter's house in California, and I'm thinking how clueless the liberal conventional-wisdom journalists are as they interact with their contacts in the security bureaucracy.

But yesterday I read the piece by Richard Fernandez titled "Security Code." Riffing off the female Charlie Hebdo staffer that punched in the security code to let the terrorists into the building he writes:
Do you think our elites won’t punch the door buttons to let the killers in to shoot us? They already have. They already have.
Soon enough, he writes, things will have to change. Our ruling class is clinging desperately to its religion, the religion of "multiculturalism, social deconstruction and redistribution". It is in too deep to "doubt the faith now." It must maintain "the innocence of Islamism as an article of faith", it must. Because the alternative is unthinkable.

So nothing can happen in the west until we "tear our politics apart" with our ruling class ripped from its comfortable kneelers in front of the altar of political correctness. In other words the cognitive dissonance for our ruling class has to get unbearable for them before we can deal with the Muslim menace.

Yesterday I wrote about the two lefty responses to the industrial revolution, the revolutionary response that organized the working class to defeat the bourgeoisie and the "little darling" response that mommied the working class with legislation and benefits. Our modern ruling class, it seems to me, is a coalition of both traditions. The "little darlings" of the liberals, who today are blacks, Hispanics, educated women and gays, are encouraged by the "activism" culture to think that they are bravely protesting and marching against the Man, when really they are little darlings of the liberals sucking at the teat of Mother government and indulged by their doting parents.

But the challenge of the industrial revolution is to take the hicks from the sticks and turn them into nice disciplined middle class citizens. No problem with the girls; you can take them straight from the farm and put them to work in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts or the iPhone sweatshops of China. But the boys are a different story. Usually they terrify the bourgeoisie for a generation and socialize themselves into menacing criminal gangs, like the Irish, the Italians, and the blacks in the US.

Really, when you think about it, leftist politics couldn't be better designed to delay and prolong the socialization into the responsible middle class of the young immigrants to the city. Up to now, that hasn't been a devastating problem because the immigrants assimilated into the middle class in spite of leftist politics.

But now we have the great global Muslim migration to the city and this time it may be that the leftist "little darling" politics of cultural Marxism is going to succeed in preventing assimilation of a good percentage of the Muslim immigrants.

Do you see what I am getting to? I am saying that up to now the internal contradictions of leftist politics were not enough to prevent the socialization of the immigrants into the middle class. But now it may be that the assimilation of the Muslim immigrants to the city will be halted and even reversed unless we neutralize leftist politics and violently suppress the pre-modern culture of Islam in western cities.

As Richard Fernandez suggests, we can't solve the problem of the rebellion against the culture of the city by the latest cohort of immigrants -- who happen to be Muslim -- unless we neutralize the poison of leftist politics that runs in the veins of our center-left ruling class.

So our ruling class has a choice. It can counter the Muslim threat before it gets replaced by an angry electorate. Or it can wait until after it gets replaced.

Either way, We the People are going to have to change the security code pretty soon.

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