Friday, January 6, 2017

Is This the Best, or the Worst of Times?

I always appreciate the juxtaposition of op-ed links on the home page of On the one hand you get an end-of-the-world piece for Republicans, but right below it, an end-of-the-world piece for Democrats. As in:
Could Obamacare Save the Democrats? John Cassidy, The New Yorker
The Delusional Dems of 2017 Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
And so on. Today there's a big battle between those that think that the nation's spies are a problem and that Trump's response to the spies is a problem.

What I would like to see is a serious Republican effort to use the Obamacare meltdown to set health care on a new path, away from bureaucratic centralism and towards market innovation.

But you can see the problem. The Democrats think they see blood, as is their latest catchphrase "Make America Sick Again." And the general liberal line on health care is "universal health care." By which, I assume, they mean a centralized bureaucratic regime where all the decisions are made by liberal bureaucrats, liberal activists, and liberal politicians, because social justice. (Although in reality, the universal system would be a cesspool of special interests and crony capitalism.)

And, as Charles Krauthammer points out, as soon as Republicans touch Obamacare, "they own the entire health system." By which he means that the entire Democratic-media-activist-academic complex will all combine to blame Trump and Republicans for everything.

Hey, Dems! How about the 26,000 bombs dropped by the US in 2016? I thought that President Obama was going to end our endless wars.

I guess, for me, the central question of 2017 is whether President Trump will be able to push back on the liberal narrative that blames Republicans for everything and observes total Democratic meltdowns in silence. I call it Cut the Cringe, meaning that Republicans have got to stop apologizing and living in feat that the Democrats will call them racists, sexists, homophobes. And take the battle to the Dems, and make them the issue.

At least in 2017 we will have a president that you can attack without being called a racist.

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