Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Three Stages of Government and Law

Here's a new and brilliant idea. Governments start out as lawless rebels; then they change the rules to suit themselves. Finally, they find that the rules they set up don't work any more, so they start to break their own rules.

Stage One: Outraged citizens decide they can't take it any more and combine to form a head of rebellion.

Stage Two: Victorious revolutionaries rewrite the law to make their kind of justice legal.

Stage Three: Ageing dynasty starts to cut corners as its popularity and influence starts to decline.

You know what this is all about. The Obama Age of Lawlessness illustrates the point perfectly. Right now, liberals are in such a pickle that they are reduced to lawlessness.

Liberals wrote the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Congress, but they could only pass it by cheating. Then, once the bill became law, President Obama started violating its provisions, because the Act wouldn't work as written. Then liberals got so scared by the Tea Party that they sicced the IRS on the Tea Party. Without an election to fight the president has tried to implement immigration amnesty by executive action. Now it's reported that he'd like to increase taxes by executive action.

And liberals are fine with all that. So we know that the liberal

Actually, the trajectory of the liberal dynasty hasn't quite followed the three-stage script. Their "revolution" was the Progressive Era when they got to rewrite the constitution for direct election of senators and the income tax without actually taking to the streets. All done by the book. They took the US off the gold standard. All by the book. And then they dominated politics for most the the last century and built up the welfare state. All by the book.

But now they are running out of other peoples' money and other peoples' votes, and they need to take short cuts in order to live from paycheck to paycheck.

In my view, the only reason that governments ever obey the law is to avoid pissing people off. When people get pissed off they start muttering about revolution, so a prudent government abides by its own rules.

But when ruling dynasties get into trouble, that's when they start cutting corners. They have to, because they can't get what they want by following the law. That's when they start pissing people off.

That's good news. Liberals are in trouble and they are starting to cut corners, and that will piss a lot of Americans off.

So for conservatives, we should be in Stage One, where the disaffected start to form a head of rebellion and refuse to obey the unjust laws of the failing dynasty.

Do we really have the stomach for that? Or will we just sit around just talking about rebellion, like the Republic of Texas, and let the state's police come in and take all our cellphones from us with nary a whimper?

In the best of all possible worlds revolution wouldn't be necessary because the pissed off voters would get to vote for a new political dynasty without the blood and guts of a real revolution.

I wonder what will happen this time around.

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