Friday, March 13, 2015

Liberal Robert Punam Still Doesn't Get It

So now the other penny has dropped. Back in 2012 Charles Murray reported in Coming Apart that everything was copacetic in the upper 20 percent of America. But things were not so good in the middle, and in the low-income sector the men didn't work and the women didn't marry. This was not so good for kids.

Now liberal Robert D. Putnam, author of the bestseller Bowling Alone is out with Our Kids. Putnam says that rich kids are doing fine but poor kids are not. Writes W. Bradford Wilcox in The Wall Street Journal:
[Putnam] argues that children's acccess to the core institutions that foster their development — strong families, strong schools, strong communities — is increasingly separate and unequal.
Murray's book was just about white America, because he did not want to get into trouble for raaacism as he did with The Bell Curve. But Putnam is a liberal, so he's allowed to talk about black folks. He gets to write about black "Desmond, son of affluent married parents, and Elijah, whose working-class parents, in his own words, 'couldn't live together for nothing.'"

Bully for Putnam. But what does he suggest? You guessed it: more of the same.
Mr. Putnam concludes "Our Kids" by calling for a raft of civic initiatives and public policies, many of which seek to add to services for poor and working-class children and their parents.
Oh great: more free stuff. Like that's going to make a difference.

It's comical. Over a decade ago, Robert D. Putnam wrote a book where he observed that Americans aren't as civic minded as they used to be, and don't join civic organizations like they used to. But he fails to make the obvious point that maybe, maybe, Americans don't join because government has taken away the public square with government's stupid programs that encourage and reward people for being helpless freeloaders.

Now Putnam writes about how, oh wow, rich kids with married parents are doing better than poor kids with single parents. And what does he propose? More government programs to encourage freeloading. And the current liberal ignis fatuus, more preschool.

Now I've developed the notion in my American Manifesto that government is always and everywhere an armed minority occupying some territory, taxing the inhabitants thereof, and keeping itself in power by rewarding its supporters with free stuff. Thus the liberal welfare state stays in power by offering free stuff to its supporters: minorities, women, government employees and gentry liberals.

There's only one little problem with this: freeloading on free stuff is anti-social. You just have to ask Kant's question whether this would work if everyone did it. No, it wouldn't! If everyone is competing for free stuff, and politicians are competing to offer free stuff, then you don't have a society any more. You just have piracy and plunder.

The dirty little truth about liberals is that, for all their preening and self-congratulation, their liberal welfare state is nothing more than a robber state. Liberals tax productive citizens, anyone that has to work to put food on the table, and they give the tax monies to their supporters, the freeloaders. Everything else is just window dressing and distractions from cute little fluffy puppy dogs.

What your liberal neighbor and Robert D. Putnam can't see is that this current springtime for freeloaders can't go on like this. It is hammering the poor, and it is making life pretty miserable for the ordinary middle class.

Eventually the American people will get this and throw the liberals out. The tragedy is that they will probably "get it" far too late.

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