Thursday, March 14, 2019

Oh. So the Swamp was Afraid of Crossing Hillary

All along, during the Obama administration, I had this nagging feeling that the enormous latitude given to President Obama was not just because people were in awe of his First Black Presidentness, but because of fear.

Everyone, from media hacks to middle-to-high level federal bureaucrats, knew that you'd better not cross Obama's people if you knew what was good for you.

After all: the royal road to media glory is to ask the president a Tough Question. Right?

Wrong, when the president is Obama.

And it goes without saying that, for the last 25 years, you'd better not cross the Clintons.

Because, beneath the veneer of "our democracy" and equal protection of the laws, and due process, is the jungle of political enforcers and fixers. Because that's the way power, and rulers, and politics work.

The whole point of the limited-government movement way back in the 18th century was to curb the violence of nature red in tooth and claw that always obtained to kingly power.

But then came the Left and its religion of politics and its faith in political power.

So now we learn, from the transcript of Lisa Page's testimony to Congress last summer, the reason the FBI went soft on Hillary Clinton. As she texted to her lover Peter Strzok:
One more thing: She might be our next President. The last thing you need is us going in there [to Clinton’s interview] loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more DOJ than FBI?
In other words, as David Catron writes:
Page was clearly worried about the unhappy fate that inevitably befalls anyone who crosses Hillary Clinton — Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) verified that the “she” referred to in the text was indeed Clinton. She obviously knows the mere fact that it is the FBI’s job to investigate such cases will carry zero weight when Her Majesty glares balefully around the Cabinet Room and demands to know, “Who will rid me of these turbulent G-Men?”
That is the currency of the left. Fear. That is the point of the Clintons running their Clinton Crime Syndicate all these years. Because that is what most politics down the ages has been about.

Indeed, part of my notion of the left as a Great Reaction is the return of politics to simple civil war by other means, to pursue and defeat your political opponents by any means short of overt civil war.

And the reason why racist, sexist, homophobe deplorables like me ended up supporting Donald Trump is that we are fed up with a generation of gentlemanly conservatives from the Bushes to McCain to Romney. We want someone to put fear in the hearts of the left.

Yes, but what about avuncular Ronald Reagan? Let me tell you, the avuncular bit came after he was elected. In the run-up to the 1980 election Reagan used to do regular radio commentaries. And the Reagan of those commentaries was angry.

So, the task ahead of us is to put the fear on the lefties. Campus protesters should be afraid, not the helpless targets of their rage. Lefty hack outfit Media Matters, that runs campaigns to frighten the advertisers on conservative radio and TV, needs to be shown the door. The fake SPLC, that brands mainstream conservatives as hate groups, needs to be humiliated, and the social-media outfits that use its accusations to censor conservatives need to be taught the facts of life. Racist and anti-semitic politicians need to be humiliated and shamed.

But who will bell the cat?

The problem is that a conservatism with the rage to fight leftist fear mongers is also a conservatism that can lose sight of the basic wisdom of the modern era, that government power should be limited and politics is not the way to salvation.

Well, that is really yesterday's problem. We are in a fight, whether we like it or not.

So, it will certainly settle matters to win the 2020 election with the nice suburban housewives recoiling from the radical politics of the Democrats. For a while.

But here we are, nearly 50 years since the Sixties Kidz were shocked by the Silent Majority reelecting Richard Nixon in a 60-40 election. And the left is still not demolished.

Indeed a whole new generation has been raised up through the government education system to believe in socialism and identity politics. As if there had never been a Nixon or a Reagan. As if the 100 million deaths of socialism and the Maoist cultural revolution meant nothing.

And it is not know-nothing idiots pushing this, but the educated ruling class that believes in the saving grace of political power -- their political power. Oh, of course, it is horrified by other people -- Trumps, publicans and sinners -- getting political power.

Like I say. There is no solution to our problem until the educated class gets religion. That would be a religion that decides that the way to salvation in not through political power.

And I suppose that the only way it will learn that truth is when a political regime arises in America and elsewhere that owes nothing to the educated class, and indeed, threatens to separate the educated class from all its privileges and perquisites, its sinecures and its pensions, and above all separate it from the intoxication of whispering into the ear of the powerful.

Then, and only then, will our educated ruling class decide that political power is a very dangerous thing that needs to be limited by legislation and Notorious RBG Supreme Court justices.

We need to make our liberal swamp creatures afraid, not of Hillary, but us.

Meanwhile, as I like to say: there is only one privilege in America: liberal privilege.

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