Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Activism Culture - Table of Contents

A Critical Theory of Leftist Activism Culture

1. How Does the Next President Beat the Left's Activism Culture
Proposing exactly what Trump has done.

2. If Every Young Liberal Longs to be an Activist, What About Conservatives?
If there were conservative activism, what would it look like?

3. The Left's Conceit About "Resistance"
One you have removed the laws that implement injustice, the job for politics is done.

4. The Democrats are Chained to Their Activist Base
And that is not very good for the Democrats

5. No Liberals, It is not 1848, or 1963. There is No Call for Riots
Usually, Revolution Baby is not the answer

6. Hello Berkeley, It is Time to Check Your Privilege

7. The Left Always Preys on People Outside the System
Because only people outside the system are not already represented

8. It is AstroTurf All the Way Down
The activism culture is fake

9. Joint Address Activism: The First Time as Tragedy...
Wearing white dresses to a presidential speech

10. The Folly of the Activism Culture
It assumes that all political issues should be advanced by peaceful protest

11. Is It the Sixties Again?

12. There is a Reason Why the Left is Always Attacking Middle Class Values
It is that middle-class responsibles don't need government to supervise them

13. Militarism vs. Activism: Ruling Class Culture Then and Now
Used to be that rulers were militarists; now they are activists

14. The Two Heads of the Forces of Lefty Reaction
We are talking about neo-tribalism and neo-feudalism

15. The Two Reactions: How Do We Deal With Them?
W5e already did, with nation states and corporations

16. Real Critical Theory: How About a Critique of Leftism?

17. The Plague of Fake Politics

18. When a Lefty Comes to Visit
Really, we don't need lefty activism, because our society cares

19. "Studies:" The Munitions of the Activists
Lefties need their "studies" to fuel their rage.

20. So-called Protest is Really War

21. Whither the Culture War Now?
We must demand that the lefties respect us responsibles.

22. My Critique of the Left. Again
A history of activism since 1848

23. Blame Activism Culture for "Red Hen" Expulsion

24. The Downside of Activism -- for Its Advocates
It means you melt down when a conservative gets to appoint Supreme Court justices

25. Live by the Supreme Court, Die by the Supreme Court
The problem with using the Supreme Court for legislation

26. Activism Culture Leads to "Spartacus Illusion"
If you are a well-born activist it helps to think that you are really the underdog.

27. The Fault Dear Liberals Is Not in Your Stars

28. Great Reaction: Activism is Neo-Knight-Errantry
What else do you call riding around in search of helpless victims to save?

29. Great Reaction: Reparations is Neo-Vengeance
Turning back the clock from law to the lex-talionis

30. The Elite's Religion: We are Holier Than Thou Because We Care About the Victims

31. Undetstanding Tlaib: The Culture of Innocence

32. More Tlaib: How to Tell a Genuine Movement for Justice

33. Our Ruling Class Does Have a Religion, And How

34. Suppose Lefty Activists are Just Faking It, Like Actors

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