Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So-called "Protest" Is Really War

You gotta hand it to our lefty friends: they are really good at the meme war. What used to be called a rioting mob is now called a "peaceful protest" by "activists."

It all sounds so harmless, so innocent, so earnest. Only it isn't. It is vile.

It is telling a lie, that the left is a coalition of earnest activists doing activism to fight injustice and oppression. No it isn't. Instead it is an army of rich kids posturing against the benign modern bourgeois culture. It is a culture of conceit that is working to replace the benign and peaceable bourgeois culture -- a culture founded on the notion that the way to get on in the world is by offering services to the world, and then waiting for the world to put a price on it -- with a culture of force and domination and hegemony.

The story of of the unparalleled economic and political freedom and prosperity of the last 200 years is not good enough for the lefty protesters. No, the benign and kindly world of service and remuneration is not for them. For them the only answer is Justice Now! Or we will tear the place down.

Hey, I get it. Turbulent youth, especially turbulent rich youth, has always wanted to start a rumble. It's in the genes.

Now I like to say that, back in 1848 when young rich-kids Marx and Engels could see Germans dying from the potato famine -- oh yes, it wasn't just an Irish potato famine, it was Europe-wide -- they wanted to do something about it.

Yeah! Hey kids! We gotta chuck those oppressive regimes outta here. And by the way, according to the classical economists, it could have been that the blossoms of the textile and steam revolutions could soon wither. So the Marxist moment was not completely crazy as it now seems with the verdict of history.

Only the blossoms didn't wither. They ripened into the richest fruit in the whole of human history. The economic revolutions continued, and the starving potato-eaters got jobs. And economic growth continued. And the workers got the vote. And more. By the middle of the 20th century an average worker could buy a motor car -- something utterly unavailable to the most powerful emperors in history -- for about five to seven months wages. And what is more, he could pile the whole family into the Chevrolet and take the family on vacation from Chicago to Los Angeles on good old Route 66. You try that, Hammurabi! Yeah. King Tut had five chariots with him in his tomb. So what, pal. Could you drive from the Valley of the Kings to Lake Victoria for a two-week vacation? I thought not.

But all the time, for the last 200 years, the lefty protesters were insisting that this wasn't the best of times, but the worst of times.

Here is the basic fact of our times. For lefties it is all about power: political power, activist power, protest power, community organizer power, administrative power. Power, power, power.

But the bourgeoisie, the commercial middle class, is not that interested in power. And this has been pretty obvious to anyone with an open mind since the middle class gave the working class the vote. And women. And minorities. And let government wreck the good old Gold Standard so politicians could give goodies to the working class. And destroy the old bourgeois sexual rules so that rich kids could kick back a little.

Really, what was the middle class thinking? Why give an inch to the lefty rich kids?

Why? Because in the culture of the middle class, with its experience of the market economy, power is not that important. The important thing is to track the market, to do things that other people want to pay money for. Oh, and you can never go to sleep on the job, pal. No true bourgeois believes that he or she has a right to a living from the rest of society. The idea is that you work and save, following the hints and the nudges of the price system. And if you do that for a lifetime, then you get to retire in modest independence. To make this work you do not need political power. You just need to be trustworthy and to interact with other trustworthy people. That is because interactions based on trust are way cheaper than transactions based on mistrust. They are, in other words, immensely profitable.

What I am saying is that the whole left-wing activist culture is a lie. If there is anything that has been established over the last century or so it is that if you have a problem, and you talk to the middle class nicely, they will try to help you.

So you do not need protests, peaceful or mostly peaceful. You just need to get into the middle-class's trust network and act trustworthy. That is all.

Of course, if you are an immigrant from a non-trust culture then you have to start at the bottom and change your non-trust culture and learn the new trust culture, and that is very hard. But people from all over the world have succeeded at this in America: Puritans from eastern England, Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews, and now east and south Asians. African Americans, not so much.

Let us review a few news items to make the left's culture of lies and conceit clear.

First, the Gaza "protests." Sorry chum. Your "Great Return March" is not a peaceful protest, it is an act of war. And I get it. You Palestinians, time after time, have made really bad choices. You coulda been part of Israel, but you followed leaders that wanted war against Israel. Hey, no problem. But war is war, not peaceful protest. If you go to war then you are pledging your whole population in the war against the enemy. You could have been honest about that. But you weren't. So now you are playing lefty activism protest theater and pretending that the children you put in harm's way as a deliberate tactic are helpless victims of eevil Israeli hegemony.

Second, the sweetie-pie special snowflake Letitia Chai that got her feelings hurt at Cornell when she showed up to prep her senior thesis wearing cutoffs. Hey, I get it. When you show up to prep your senior thesis and the professor reminds you not to show up in cutoffs for the real thing and you have passed a couple Critical Theory classes you convert your embarrassment at making a social faux-pas into political rage! Hey why not, snowflake! Why not turn your embarrassment into a peaceful protest? Why not strip off your cutoffs and blouse and return wearing your underwear. Boy oh boy! What a way to show that nobody ain't gonna white privilege you, no ma'am!

By the way, Miss Chai, I can't believe that you culturally appropriate Levis, the authentic clothes of American 19th century workers in a your silly superficial "cutoffs," you nasty superficial rich kid you. How dare you, you willing tool of the leftist cabal.

To coin a phrase,
It is high time that the middle class should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of "oppression," of "exploitation," of "privilege," and of "peaceful protest" with the utter scorn and rejection it deserves.
Whaddya think, sports fans?

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