Friday, February 3, 2017

So The Immigration Protests Were Carefully Planned

As if you didn't know, the left had carefully prepared to protest Trump's immigration actions. Here is the Daily Beast:
On the dark and cloudy morning in Brooklyn after Donald Trump’s Election Night upset, 20 members of the nonprofit Make the Road New York gathered in the conference room of their office for an all-hands emergency meeting.
Daniel Altschuler is "their director of civic engagement and research."

Can you spell AstroTurf?

Actually, according to my theory of politics, it is right and proper for the left to organize immigrants that are not legal, are not yet permanent residents, or are not yet citizens.

Because people like that do not have the vote. They are therefore not automatically considered in the councils of power. So there only recourse is the language of the streets.

And that is what the left is always looking for. The left believes in political violence; that is the left's religious faith.

But there is a problem for the left. Over the years, as the left has identified group after group of unfranchised and/or marginal people, the system has brought them into the system, by extending the franchise and enforcing civil rights.

As each group has been brought into the light the left has been forced to find new groups for whom violence and intimidation are the only ways to get respect.

When the left organized the workers they were organizing a majority of the nation. When they organized women and blacks, they organized half the nation. When they organized gays, they organized less than 3 percent of the nation. Now they are organizing immigrants and Muslims, a small minority. You could say they are running out of victims.

The natural instinct of the elected politician is to do a deal, to broker a compromise that will lower the ideological temperature. That is why, on immigration, the Washington establishment has tried to blur the issues and accede to the demands of the immigrants and their leftist organizers.

The problem is, of course, that immigrants start out in a new country by banding together for protection from the larger community, and the larger community starts to view the organized immigrants as a threat. Sometimes the migrants transform the host society. Then Normans that invaded Britain in 1066 were originally Vikings that had been harassing Normandy and the lands around the River Seine for decades. They were made into a dukedom by a Frankish king that wanted to turn them from raiders into defenders of France.

So the question for Europe and for the United States is where the nation of immigrants ends and the protection of the native population begins.

In US history a wave of immigration typically provokes a reaction to stall immigration, as the immigration wave of 1900 provoked the immigration restrictions of the 1920s.

We are presently engaged in a political battle to determine if the US will repeat the immigration restrictions of the 1920s or not. Obviously President Trump has been elected by people that are fearful of today's immigrants and want more protection from the government. The Democratic Party and the activist left has clearly chosen to champion the interest of the immigrants, legal and illegal, and to identify with Islam.

What will happen? We don't know. It all depends on how the coming battles precipitate out in the next elections, in 2018 and 2020.

If Democrats succeed in rallying the country against Trump and immigration restrictions, then immigration will go into high gear and America will be transformed. If Trump succeeds in rallying the country to build the wall and restrict family-unification immigration and sparks the economy, then Democrats will be in for a period in the wilderness until they moderate their agenda.

But right now, We Don't Know.

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