Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Could the Smash-mouth Trump Era Have Room for Irony?

Despite the awful cruelty of the Trump era, featuring Trump gnawing on the hind legs of the new-born lambs of the mainstream media as they gambol innocently in First Amendment Meadow, and also featuring the entire liberal “community” and its bribed apologists in the Deep State attempting to grab Trump by the neck and scrag him, there still seems to be room in these United States for the delicate flower of irony.

In the first place I was intrigued by a piece on the Hells Angels motorcycle gang by Joe Bob Briggs. One fine day the Hells Angels showed up to award Briggs a gold-plated ball-peen hammer. But they couldn't just give it to him nice and sweetly. They had to demand that he show up on stage immediately to receive the award or they would know the reason why.

Briggs runs down the key attributes of a successful gang. The key to being a proper motorcycle gang is to have the reputation of being the roughest, toughest hombres west of the Pecos.

Motorcycle gangs are superpatriotic, writes Briggs; they defend their brothers in a fight, as “Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said to the president of Mexico last week.” They always have an enforcer, and so on.

Hmm. I wonder what Joe Bob Briggs is really talking about?

Then there is Victor Davis Hanson writing about “The Metaphysics of Trump.” How could a bad man select such good appointees, and how could they work for such a bad man? And if it is OK for these people to work for Trump then how come “nearly the entire diplomatic and security establishment in Washington refuses to work for such a reprobate?”

I am reminded of my departed mother, who recalled all her life being taught that King Charles I of England was a good man and a bad king, and Charles II was a bad man and a good king. In the end, of course, it didn't matter, not after Prince William of Orange invaded Britland with a 500-ship fleet and turned the Stuarts out of office.

And then we come to the Republican establishment with its globalist agenda of tax cuts and free trade agreements, but could never see around the corner to say “we love our miners, farmers, vets.”

Now that Trump has done it, it all seems so easy.

Golly, who would be dumb enough to figure that he could win a presidential election by making people feel that “he cares about people like me?” Or outfox the Democratic presidential candidate and her twentysomething whiz kids by executing on a sucessful Electoral College strategy to win the election decisively even though he lost the popular vote?

And what Republican has recently made such a bold outreach to African Americans?

I mean who are the dumb ones here? The ruling class Poo-Bahs? The Deep State time-servers? Or the guy with a combover that plays an idiot on TV?

See, I think that the key thing about Donald Trump is that there was a day in his life when he was in a room with 40 bankers trying to persuade them not to liquidate his bankrupt business empire. He managed to persuade them to take a haircut and let him live to rise again.

In my view you need a lot more smarts to hornswoggle a room full of bankers than to persuade Americans to vote for you.

Here is the big question facing the deep thinkers of America in the late winter of 2017. Is President Trump a political genius that figured out, finally, how to bring the white working class out of the wilderness? Or is he the leader of a biker gang that only knows the rules of intimidation?

You make the call.

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