Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What Comes After Trump

Let us assume that the pundits and the polls are right and that Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States.

What happens next?

Obviously we will see an intensification of the left's cultural hegemony. I do not mean, as I read in Child of the Revolution, that we will be arresting people for wrongthink and that people will go "pale as ashes" for saying the wrong thing. I do mean that we will all be more careful what we say, and we will get more angry.

I just think that we are probably reaching Peak PC. After the nonsense of the First Black President and the First Woman President we will wake up in four or eight years and ask "what was the point?" And Hegelians like me will say that the thing is really the same as its opposite, as in racism vs. anti-racism, just as, in Hegel's words, the north pole of a magnet is the same as its opposite, the south pole.

What will come next? Well it won't be anything I am thinking, because at 70 I am in the exit lane. It all depends on what aggressive young men in their 20s and 30s are thinking and doing.

And really, what is the point of getting on board the Hillary train at the back of the bus and waiting for all the well-born scions of rich liberals to get theirs first?

Now, I am a profound sexist, and I believe that women are cultural curators, keeping the old ways alive and remembered as long as possible. Men are creators and destructors. Young men are being kicked out of education as it gets taken over by women. Men are being pushed aside as women come into the mature Silicon Valley and dissolve its reckless culture for something more kind and gentle. Good. It couldn't come at a better time.

So men are out there, right now, creating a new world about which we know nothing but nods and winks. Is the future in the fusion power startup the chap across the street is running? Is the future with a young guy I know that dropped out of college to get into a BitCoin startup and general software consulting? Is the future in creating a whole alt-right infrastructure by forking Wikepedia into Infogalactic and Twitter into Gab?

There is a simple answer to that. We Don't Know.

Donald Trump effectively demolished the old conservative infrastructure that had been tottering on since the end of the Reagan era. He could do it because the conservative infrastructure couldn't effectively represent people that were non-progressive, that wanted to be typical Americans and left alone by government and its enthusiasts, and wanted someone to lead them.

There will be life after Trump, and life after Clinton. That's because government is force, and force is injustice, and one of the strongest human emotions is the burning sense of injustice, the rage against the Man. It need not be egregious injustice, just the feeling that we are not going to take it any more.

At some point a bunch of young men show up and determine to put their feelings into action.

In many ways I fear that a Trump win puts off the Turn from the moment of Peak PC, that we need a continuance of Bush followed by Obama followed by Clinton, the dull routine of the old regime counting out its shrinking pile of political authority, until the old ways just cannot continue any more.

The Trumpers are mourning the end of the 1950s good jobs at good wages; the baby boomers are mourning the end of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And women are mourning the bitter aftertaste of the sexual revolution.

A new world is aborning, but you probably won't like it, and neither will I.

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