Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Fundamental Error of the Left

I went to a neighborhood dinner with a bunch of liberals, and they all knew the hits on Trump. So they are empty headed idiots. I lunched with a liberal friend a couple months ago and she asked about "hate" and "xenophobia." So she is repeating the liberal pejoratives du jour. I lunched with another liberal friend and found, as I expected, that she is engaged in the First Woman President thing, just as she was proud of the First Black President thing back in 2008.

All very innocent. But then you get the woman novelist, Lionel Shriver, that argued against the sin of "cultural appropriation" at a writers' festival in Australia and set off a storm of controversy.

This is not going to end well, writes Kurt Schlichter. Remember the guy in the Rockwell "Freedom of Speech" painting? You can tell he is supposed to be an ordinary young working stiff, standing up in a meeting to speak his piece to the approval of the older men around him. That was then; but today liberals are all against freedom of speech by working stiffs.
You see, to liberals, what our guy has to say isn’t important – what’s important to liberals is to shut him up. It’s to punch down upon him with cheap mockery so he’s beaten into submission. It’s to use shame to silence him and every other irredeemable deplorable in order to consolidate their progressive death grip upon America’s throat.
The problem is that liberals have convinced themselves that they are the good guys and the white working stiff is deplorable and irredeemable. And naturally, if these people are racists and sexists it is one step for liberals to give themselves permission to use force to shut them up and deny them the right to participate in politics.

They think this way because they believe that the way to a just and peaceful world is through politics and activism. Therefore anyone that opposes them is evil and should be suppressed.

There is a fundamental error here, and it is this. You cannot achieve justice with politics. What you can do, you hope, is to avoid civil war with politics. You can give people the notion that they have a voice, that their grievances will be heard, and that the most egregious outrages may be redressed. That is all.

Politics cannot create a heaven on earth, or anything close to it. Anyone that thinks that politics and government programs are solving anything has got a screw loose. The reason is simple. Politics is division; government is force, and force is the sharp end of injustice. So when you use government to correct injustice you are using the very weapon that is used to create injustice. You are diffusing one head of rebellion and creating another.

The whole point of the constitutional age of Montesquieu and the Federalist Papers back in the 18th century was to figure out how to create a government that could do the basic things needed, like keep the peace and make the state strong enough that it would not attract the attention of international predators. But they wanted to make it really hard for any group to make the state and its power into their personal power project and force its agenda on the rest of the nation.

And the first thing that happened after the US Constitution was ratified in 1787 was a demonstration by the French, starting in 1789, as to why good constitutional institutions were such a good idea.

Because the French had a revolution that spun completely out of control and ended up in a Reign of Terror. Worse than that, it got France into a war that ended France's centuries-long reign as the top dog in Europe.

What happens in a Reign of Terror is that government gets really interested not just in punishing wrong actions but punishing wrong thinking and wrong speaking.

Yes, but why? Why do these lefty revolutions always end up in a Reign of Terror, or a Great Purge, or a Cultural Revolution? I will tell you why.

A new lefty government thinks that its enlightened program of government spending and taxation, of forcing Adam to pay for Bruce, will work and create justice and equality. But of course it doesn't because the economy is much too complicated for a government bureaucracy to make sense out of it. So the program starts to go off the rails.

But how could this be? It was formulated by the best minds and executed in exact detail. How could it go wrong? The answer is obvious: saboteurs and wreckers, opponents of the regime that are trying to destroy it. It couldn't be anything else.

Actually, settled science says that socialism can't work because it can't compute prices, and administrative government can't work because 10,000 bureaucrats can't out-think 1,000,000 producers and consumers: there just isn't enough bandwidth. Well, it would be settled science if liberals and lefties weren't in denial. Actually it isn't really denial, it is faith, the leftist faith in politics and activism and government. That is the problem.

My judgement is that the current leftist program of intimidation and punishment of thought-crimes, calling out Trump voters as deplorables and irredeemables, is a sign that liberals know their program is going off the rails. If the program is going off the rails, there can only be one reason: racists and sexists are wrecking and sabotaging it.

Give it up, liberals! Your program is rubbish! Yeah. If only.

The faithful believers never give up after falling at the first fence. They call for another mount and continue; they know that they are going to win. Because after all, everyone agrees that leftism is the only way to bend the arc of history towards justice, and government is the name for things we do together.

Yeah. Maybe so. But the weight of government force bends the minds of men towards rebellion. Unless the mind of government lurches towards terror. That's what Mao and Chou discovered in their guerrilla Red Base in the 1930s. If they relaxed their terror, the people that they had taxed and enslaved would start combining against them. So the only way they could keep their non-popular government going was with terror.

And that is what liberals just do not understand. Unless they are on the receiving end of, e.g., George W. Bush. Then they get it.

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