Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Unify America and the West

For years I couldn't figure out why Bismarck decided to unify the German states with wars. What was the point? Why didn't he just get everyone in a room together and work it out?

Silly me. There is only one way to unify a nation -- or indeed any human grouping. You have to go to war. The only thing that unifies fractious humans is war. If you are a leader you have to figure out just the right war you need in order to get everyone on board and reading from the same page.

The genius of Bismarck was that he executed just about the perfect Goldilocks and the Three Bears operation. Neither too hot or two cold. First he went to war against the Danes over the Schleswig-Holstein question. Presumably this was just for practice, to see if he could get everyone on board for a dry run.

Round Two was Austria. I suppose this was a dress rehearsal to see if all the planning and concentration of troops with railways would work.

Round Three was the real thing, where Prussia and the North German Federation went up against Germany's traditional enemy, France. And the result was a humiliation for the French and the announcement of a new German Reich, uniting all the German states except Austria.

In my view World War II united the fractious America resulting from the huge immigration from southern and eastern Europe around 1900. All the trials and divisions of the Great Depression and the 1930s were forgetten as all Americans united to fight Nazism. The result was 20 years of unity until the baby boomers grew up and decided to get rebellious. Of course, it wasn't just them getting rebellious. Our lefty friends in the US were all in favor of fighting Nazism, at least they did after they got their marching orders from Uncle Joe in 1941. But fighting the Cold War against the arc of history? The left and the fashionable liberals begged to dissent on that one.

So here we are in 2016 with new existential threats. Shall we all join up and fight "hate" and "xenophobia" as a liberal friend implied to me? Or fight against the existential threat of climate change before we get fried? Or shall we all join up in the West to fight the Muslim threat?

From time to time I bring up Enoch Powell, who warned that the European project would fail because there was no European demos, no European people. He is right, of course. The European project is a top-down ruling-class project that imagines it can order the peasants around at its pleasure.

But there is a way to create a European demos, and for that matter a Western demos. And that is to fight a world war against Islam.

No doubt we will have to do it, eventually. But not just yet. Right now, the ruling class is on one page and the people are on another. So things will have to get worse before they get better and the ruling class decides to bravely lead the West against Islam and create a western demos.

In a way, our jihadi friends are doing us a favor. They are creating the feeling that we are not safe. And that will eventually create the feeling that we need to do something about it. Reporters will be sticking microphones in presidents' faces and demanding to know: "Mr President, is it safe?"

And then the ruling class will have the warrant to gin up a lovely war. Which is tremendous fun for all ruling classes, ancient and modern.

Just make sure you win, you rulers.

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