Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hey Globalists: Here is Why Your Program is in Trouble

If politics is division, then how can you get people unified?

Simple. You fight a war.

The nation states of Europe solved a problem. How do you stop the feudal nobles from squabbling with each other? Answer: you disarm the nobles and unify the people to fight wars with other nation states.

This was all very well, but it led to the two World Wars in the 20th century.

So the global educated elite decided to marginalize the nation states and erect supranational and global institutions to supervise the nations.

The way the elite has done it is by getting the sub-nations -- the races, sexes, and classes -- to fight with each other. Then the global elite can divide and conquer, and rule over all. Thus George Soros funds Black Lives Matter to rail against the police, because racism, as I wrote at AT last week.

But the classical scholar and failed British politician Enoch Powell argued that this won't work. The European Union could not work because there was no European demos, no self-identified European people.

That is a problem, because, see above, the only way to create a European people that would feel loyalty towards European leaders would be to get them into a war. With who? Russia? The Middle East?

You can see that the global problem is even bigger. How in the world do you create a global demos, a sense of the whole human race here on Earth. How do you rally the people of the Earth for a global unifying war?

I suppose that is what Maurice Strong's war to save the world from climate change is all about: rally the people of the world to fight the existential peril of global warming.

However, I suspect that the peril of global warming is not really direct and immediately threatening enough to rally the people of the Earth to the global banner, although my liberal neighbor around the corner sighs frequently about "global warming." All the globalists are doing is dividing people without having a practical program to unify us.

Anyway, the globalist program seems to be running into trouble over immigration. Ordinary people seem to think that the job of their ruling class is not to mix all the people of the world together, but to defend and protect their own homeland from the immigrant hordes. You can see that people are merely responding to the age-old territorial imperative. A group of humans, just like a group of apes, must have a territory to call its own, because the group needs territory with food on it in order to survive, and the men in the group must defend the territory from invaders that would take territory and its food -- and women -- from them.

Now, of course, in the modern era with capitalism the existential necessity of territory with food on it is not so pressing, because in the capitalist world everything is for sale. You do not grow your own food; you buy it. Exhibit A: the outer harbor at Vancouver, BC, which always features about 15 grain ships waiting to go upriver to load up on good Canadian grain and transport it across the Pacific Ocean to ports unknown.

However, not everyone has bought into the capitalist proposition. The principle of loot and plunder is still very much alive: witness the western nation state that plunders its people of 35-45 percent of their income to reward its supporters. And in the immigration waves of the last century or so, each immigrant group has set up quasi-states in the cities where the writ of the host government does not work. For instance the 19th century Gangs of New York, the Mafia, the Crips and the Bloods, and now the Latino gangs and Muslim no-go areas. These gang-ruled areas are beachheads of an immigrant army, and they are governments in everything but name: they occupy and defend territory, they tax, they reward their supporters. Up to now the immigrants have tended to learn how to thrive in the capitalist economy and abandoned the gang culture when they learned how to connect with the new culture.

Today the people of the western nation states are experiencing the globalist-sponsored groups, from Black Lives Matter to the Muslim no-go areas, as an existential threat to their national cultures and national homelands and personal safety. And they are right. The whole purpose of the globalist program is to pierce the shell of national sovereignty to rule through the nation state down to the local level. The globalists want to destroy the nation state.

But the gaping error of the globalists is that they have not created a globalist culture to replace the nation-state culture, a new form of belonging that can stir the hearts of men and women in a new, expanded notion of solidarity, a new place to belong. Why? I'd say because the globalists are secure in their own culture of jet-setting globalism. Everyone they know is content to belong in the global village, and they are all with the globalist program. So why are the rubes rebelling?

Well, the rubes are rebelling because they are afraid. And they should be. The globalists, like all politicians and leaders down the ages, are clueless, and they are using the peoples of the nations as cannon fodder for their globalist project without dangling some promise of loot and plunder to entice the peoples of the nations to support them.

In my view the nation state, bad as it is, remains the best thing on offer for the protection of the ordinary people of the West. That is the immovable object into which the irresistible force of the globalist project is crashing.

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