Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Starting to Look Like a Leader

I watched some of Donald Trump's stump speech made up the road in Everett, Washington, where they make Boeing airplanes.

If you are passing by Everett, be sure to visit Boeing's Future of Flight museum and take the factory tour. You get to see the 747, 777, and 787 assembly lines, and look at the difference between 1960s manufacturing processes and 2010s processes.

You have to say that Trump has got the cojones. Imagine any recent GOP presidential nominee talking frankly about the horror of life in the black inner city. About lives wrecked by gang violence. About how the Democratic Party is the party of slavery, and the Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow. About the Republican Party being the party of Abraham Lincoln.

Oh, and Trump's going to bring jobs to the inner city and school choice too.

Yes, why haven't Republicans been saying this for the past 30 years? And why haven't Republicans been calling out black racists on race the way that Democrats like to suggest that the few cranky KKK groups are representative of the whole party? Why has the GOP spent the last 30 years cringing on race?

That's why dear old Jonah Goldberg is wrong to want to write the alt-right out of decent conservatism. Sorry Jonah, but decent conservatism is dead, because of the cringe on race. No doubt William F. Buckley, Jr, was a gentleman and was right to read the John Birch Society out of the gentlemanly conservative movement. But the proof is in the pudding. What good did it do to write the whacko-birds out of the movement?

The left has never written its whacko-birds out of the movement. Indeed, actual terrorists like Bill Ayers were rehabilitated to become the mentors of chaps like Barack Obama. And actual racists like Reverend Al Sharpton flourish and have their own TV shows.

And now Donald Trump has amazed us all by going to Mexico to meet with the president of Mexico. Who would have thunk it? Didn't Trump so infuriate the Mexicans with his meme about Mexico paying for the wall that dialogue would be impossible? Hmm. Apparently not. I dare say that we might find a clue about all this by perusing Trump's Art of the Deal. You start a negotiation with a bit of braggadocio. Then you get down to serious negotiating.

The more we see of this the more we unconsciously realize that Hillary Clinton is not a leader. She can go through the motions of being a leader, but she just isn't one. That's why she lost in 2008 and nearly lost the presidential nomination in 2016. She just isn't a leader.

Look, there is nothing wrong with not being a leader. Most people aren't leaders. They don't have the cojones to risk and threaten, and "boldy... outdare the dangers of the time." It is perfectly obvious that Hillary Clinton is not a person that is constituted to do such a thing. That is what Benghazi should have taught us. Her instinct is to hide in the bunker and then lie about it. I dare say that is true of most of us.

But hiding in a bunker and lying about it doesn't compute for a political leader.

When you watch Trump's stump speech it seems pretty over the top. I don't think, for instance, that we will revive manufacturing like it used to be.

But think of this. Suppose Trump brings corporate income tax down to 15% and proposes a profit repatriation amnesty. I dare say that Apple might bring home that $200 billion they have stashed in Ireland and that the Eurocrats want to grab hold of. Suppose he frees energy from the renewables racket. Suppose he replaces the administrative juggernaut of Obamacare. Suppose he frees up all kinds of other administrative stupidities of the Obama administration.

I dare say that with all that we might see two or three years of 3-4% GDP growth. Wouldn't that make a difference to the US?

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