Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Here's Why Politicians Always Call for Unity, Dennis Prager

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager is annoyed with politicians that continually call for unity. And then he quotes a bunch of politicians calling for unity, from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama to Donald Trump. That's baloney, he writes.
One would be hard-pressed to name a single free society that was ever united outside of wartime. The only truly united countries are totalitarian states.
But that is exactly the point, the point of government. Wartime.

That's why I hammer away at my catchphrases like Government is Force and Politics is Violence.

When politicians are calling for unity they are calling us to war. They are saying, as they sang in Les Mis,
Will you join in our crusade,
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?
Politicians are always calling us to war. Of course, in the old days governments actually admitted this. But now, in the age of the welfare state, government is said to be all about peace and justice, but this is a lie. It is a lie that today's ruling class tells itself. Nobody here but us bespectacled librarians.

Government is always saying: enough of the namby-pamby stuff, it is time for force. We must gather together, unite, bury our enmities, and go forth to smite the foe. In the case of health care, the foe is insurance companies and their profits. In the case of race, the foe is white privilege. In the case of the Great Recession, the foe is greedy bankers.

The excellent Reverend Al Sharpton understands all this perfectly with his slogan, No Justice, No Peace. He is brilliantly inverting the do-gooder dream of peace and justice and making it into a war cry.

When you look at all this squarely in the face you realize that we humans have a problem. The people that govern us always get into power with a war cry. And yet we humans are supposed to be social animals who get on by peaceful cooperation. How do we get back to peaceful cooperation when our leaders are always rallying us to unify so we can go off to war?

I don't know the answer to this. The partial answer is that instead of unifying to smash an internal enemy -- which must deal with the contradiction that we are unifying in order to divide -- we unify to smash an external enemy.

Notice that this is what Donald Trump is proposing. He wants us to unify against the Mexicans and against the Chinese and teach them a lesson. He is calling for economic war on the foreigners. Of course he is; he has to be calling for war on something. On the other hand Ted Cruz is calling us to arms to battle the Washington cabal. Hillary Clinton is Fighting For Us, and Bernie is fighting for free stuff for college students.

The next thing for which our politicians will unify us will be the War on Islam.

The problem is that there is no mechanism for undoing the precipitate of force in our own society, the programs to force us to pay for retirement, health care, education, and welfare. All these things could be done without force, but who will dare to start the unwinding of our heritage of force?

In today's America there is nothing that will unify the people like a proposal to reduce the amount of government force in America.


  1. I think you are wrong about Trump, He is not a war monger. Tucker Carlson said Trump is think in 3-D while everyone is thinking in 2-D, hence his reasoning is not clear until you tru to think in 3D. Newt understands in a historical context and places Trump between Reagan and Thatcher. Trump is not a neocon, though, I expect he wants to accomplish New American Century goals through win-win business and political negotiations, by cutting the fat from our economy, and by putting everyone back to work full time who is capable. The kiy to Trump is reading what he does and reading knowledgable analysis. When trump lashes out seemingly disproportionately in the debates, Newt says "oh, he explains why in" (book X). I have read two of them, I suggest starting with TAOTD after Googling the Wollman Rink for a taste of how he thinks and acts. I think Newt has a good handle on Trump.

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