Monday, October 5, 2015

Has PC Gone About As Fur As It Can Go?

One thing we have seen from all three of the outside GOP candidates for President of the United States is that they have been breaking the rules on Political Correctness.

Donald Trump seems to break the rules all the time. Ben Carson said that he didn't think a Muslim should be elected president and lived to tell the tale, and Carly Fiorina told Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to watch the Planned Parenthood tapes, and it didn't seem to hurt her either, although every liberal on the planet is convinced that the PP tapes are a pack of lies.

The point that occurs to me is that the regular elected officials running for president wouldn't dare to do that. They have been, if you like, neutered by what we like to call Cultural Marxism. They know what you are not allowed to say, and they don't say it.

Republicans and conservatives complain about this cowardice all the time, but we don't have to try to do politics in the new lethal battlefield where one "gaffe" can end your career.

So what's going on? Why are the new guys getting away with it? The short answer is that they had nothing to lose, so they could afford to take risks that the professional politicians, from long experience, knew not to take.

But the long answer, I hope, is that political correctness is starting to run up against opposition from the ordinary American people.

Look, there is immense strategic cunning in Gramsci's "march through the institutions" and with Marcuse's tolerant intolerance to shut up the opponents to the glorious march of lefty justice. They have taught generations of lefty activists how to play the PC game.

But there is a principle bigger than politics; it is that all government is injustice. It is one thing to be an outsider, railing against injustice. But as soon as you seize the reins of power then you become the brute insider, the exploiter, the oppressor, the dominator. Our liberal friends make a great show of being outsiders battling against Wall Street and Big Business and the white patriarchy. But the truth is that they are the ruling class, not some chappie on Wall Street or another one sitting in a corporate boardroom. Hey, when President Obama told BP to cough up $20 billion, it did so. It didn't go and argue in the courts. So who has the power?

Oh sure. People knuckle under to the PC boys. They recite the approved ideas to get grades in school and college. And they end up parroting a lot of the ruling class's agenda. But they hate it. They hate it because of the basic instinct in all men, articulated by Nicholas Wade. Men like power and will seize it if they can. But if they cannot have power their next choice is that no-one shall rule over them.

Back in 2009 I wrote again and again that the Obamis were making a strategic mistake by putting the pedal to the metal on their liberalism. The best thing would have been to keep the mailed fist inside the velvet glove and make nice, and solidify the emerging Democratic majority. But they didn't. They acted like thieves in the night that had to to grab the swag and run. Maybe they were right and had no time to lose.

The whole Obama experience has been a vast seminar in Government 101. The reason for the government to rule according to law is that when you rule by executive action or by ignoring the law you provoke a head of rebellion. And that is a really stupid thing to do unless, like Mao and his adepts, you are willing to use Terror. And even then, according to Crane Brinton in his Anatomy of Revolution, Terror cannot last forever. Eventually it must relax and reaction will set in.

The point is that people will cringe before bullies, but they hate doing it. And sooner or later they find a way to do for the bullies.

I wonder if this is the electoral cycle when the PC bullies get their comeuppance. Only time will tell.

But here is something to ponder. Those professional politicians that are used to playing under the old rules are paying attention. Pretty soon they will be coming out and playing under the new rules. That should be interesting to watch.

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