Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 Reasons Why I'm Sick and Tired of Clinton's Emails

They say that the best moment of the recent Democratic Presidential Debate on the Clinton News Network was Bernie Sanders' comment that "the American people are sick and tire of hearing about your damn emails." He was talking about Hillary Clinton's emails.

Me too, Bernie. Let me count the ways.

Reason #1: Judgement. What kind of idiot would conduct business as Secretary of State using a home-brew email server? It doesn't matter that Secretary Clinton might know nothing about email and hacking. That's why government officials are loaded down with advisers.

Reason #2: She Broke the Rules. The whole point of a government of laws, not of men, is that we all follow the rules. Clinton didn't.

Reason $3: It Sets a Bad Example. There are lots of comments from former military telling about how they get severely reprimanded for even leaving a flash drive around. Really, people like Clinton should be held to a higher standard than the little people. In the army the subaltern officer is supposed to make sure that his men have been bedded down for the night before he looks to his own comforts.

Reason #4: People Go to Jail for This. The reason for big people to obey the law is that little people go to jail for violations of government secrecy laws.

Reason #5: It Sends the Wrong Message. The Democrats' big problem is that people think they don't care about US National Security. Taking a casual attitude towards the security of high government official communications shows that you don't care about America and you don't care about its national security.

I could go on and on. But you get the point. No wonder Bernie Sanders and the cheering Dems at the debate want this to go away. It is the kind of mini-issue, like the House Bank Scandal of the early 1990s that symbolizes elite condescension and special privileges.

And of course given that we now have tens of thousands of laws, all with frightful penalties, and just about every government agency has its own SWAT team, it's about time that high government officials started to take note.

I'd say that the only thing for Hillary Clinton is to go into a nunnery. That's what they used to do with high-status women who had been a bit naughty, and I don't see why we should change not.

Get Thee to a Nunnery, Mrs. Clinton, and be quick about it.

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