Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Whose Side is Trump On?

Did you know that Donald Trump is a friend of the Clintons, and has contributed to their campaigns? I didn't either.

I say that because when Jonah Goldberg complains that Donald Trump is turning Hispanics away from the GOP with his crude complaint that Mexico is sending criminals and rapists to the US, maybe that's the point.

Maybe the supposedly Republican Trump, the pal of the Clintons, is doing a bit of double-agent work.

I say this because it is still remarkable to me how the independent campaign of Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996 helped elect Bill Clinton. We know that Ross Perot hated the Bushes; maybe that's all there was to his campaign. Maybe.

The thing about Hillary Clinton is that she's not very imaginative. (Oh, you've noticed!) So you wouldn't be surprised to see her trying to reprise the techniques of 1992 when she and Bill were young.

You never know. With Hillary Clinton's luck, Donald Trump might turn out to be a net plus for the Republicans.

Look at it this way. No sooner had Trump damned all immigrants than an illegal immigrant felon, released from custody in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, killed a nice middle-class white woman on the tourist waterfront. (A "sanctuary city" is a liberal enclave that arrogates to itself the right not to obey federal immigration law. Do not try this if you are a Christian bakery.)

So that allows Republican presidential candidates to say that they utterly reject the racist sexist nativist rhetoric of Donald Trump. But they also declare that it is time for liberals in their precious gentry liberal enclaves to start obeying immigration law before more innocent middle-class white women tourists are shot down in cold blood.

After all, the whole point of politics is to turn lemons into lemonade.

So, to you folks panicking that Trump is throwing away the Latino vote, and to you Democrats that think that Trump will hand the 2016 election to Hillary, I say: hold your horses.

Let's just say that Donald Trump is a bull in a china shop. And there is no telling whose precious china he will smash.

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