Friday, July 17, 2015

What Does President Obama Want?

Conservatives find President Obama rather a puzzle. Here's Mona Charen wondering whether the president is "witless or witting." After analyzing the results of his Iran agreement about which he has lied repeatedly, she decides that he knows exactly what he is doing.
But from his first inaugural address onward, Obama both secretly and openly wooed the Iranian regime. In the process, he repeatedly lied to the Congress, our allies, and the American people, settling, to my satisfaction at least, that he is inflicting this potential catastrophe wittingly.
Then there are new revelations about Obama's Chicago connections, who all seem to be red-diaper babies with actual connections to Communist Party members in Chicago around 1950. That means, according to "Mencius Moldbug" back in November 2008, that Obama is a small 'c' communist.
Arguing that Barack Obama is not a communist is like arguing that Mitt Romney is not a Mormon. Barack Obama is a communist by birth, breeding, education, and profession. His grandparents were communists, his parents were communists, his teachers were communists, his friends are communists, his colleagues are communists, he's a communist. Duh. 
Then he goes off into a riff on Alinsky:
If there's one thing to remember about Alinskyism, or indeed progressivism as a whole, it's that it is the perfect mental framework by which the lordly can do evil, while convincing themselves and/or others that they are small voices sticking up for good. 
Does that ring a bell, or what? So let's read Moldbug on the whole logic of the over-under coalition and its "activism."
In the crudest, most Machiavellian terms, "grassroots activism" is easy to explain. When examined, the grass always turns out to be Astroturf. The alliance of underprivileged and ultraprivileged is always initiated by the latter. The organizer brings youth, privilege, often a trust fund, talent, energy and ambition. The organized bring mass, muscle, power. Julius Caesar would recognize the arrangement at once. No points for guessing who tends to profit most from the alliance. And indeed David Axelrod, Obama's producer, is in his spare time a master of Astroturf.  
It's all about the sweet taste of power.

In my view, politics and government is always about war. Because government is force, it must always have an object in view that requires force: in other words, a war. Historically, a government has two choices; it can conduct foreign wars or domestic wars. The left overwhelmingly prefers domestic wars through "grassroots activism."

So it makes complete sense that the Obama presidency has been all about retreating from overseas wars and lying about it, and making war on the American people, and lying about it. Because that is what lefties do. And really, domestic war makes more sense for electoral politics, for it is all about demonizing the opposition and tempting supporters with promised loot.

So now we know what Obama wants. The question is: are we going to do anything about it? 

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