Monday, July 13, 2015

The Liberal Army Group A in the Caucasus

Kurt Schlichter has a piece out today saying: Hey, liberals changed the rules on politics, so here goes. We are no longer talking about the rule of law and allowing space for our political enemies. It's all about power, all the way.
Until now, we conservatives have been guided by “principles” and “values” that only serve to distract us from what’s really important. Under the new rules, we will no longer let arbitrary ideas about how America should work get in the way of maximizing our ability to exercise our authority over others. After all, our supremacy is a moral imperative.
And so on. The effect of the piece is to realize just how far liberals have gone in the Obama years, and how it is almost unthinkable for conservatives to abuse power like that. Because the whole point of conservatism, from Burke onwards, is to limit political power,

But I think that the lawlessness of the Obama liberals illuminates a huge fact. Liberalism is failing. Liberalism is failing and so liberals have to break the rules just to get through the day, in the way that an alcoholic has to start the day with the hair of the dog. Obamacare was never popular, so liberals had to break the rules to get it over the finish line. Then they had to put in on IVs and change the black letter law with illegal administrative actions to keep it on life-support. They had to mew up their Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the Federal Reserve to protect it from assault.

That's why I think that we should think of liberalism like Nazis on the Eastern Front. The liberals failed to take their Moscow. That was the repulse they suffered in the Reagan era and the fall of communism. So now they are sending Army Group A into the Caucasus.

But what's the point? What did the Caucasus do for the Nazis except expose their left flank?

It's pretty obvious that right here in 2015 the natives are restless. Pretty soon there is going to be some non-name issue that will become as famous as the no-name Stalingrad on the Volga. Maybe Donald Trump is doing that with immigration. Maybe it will be something else.

I keep coming back to this. The reason for the rule of law and limited government and all the other shibboleths of modern politics is not that they are good and wonderful in themselves. It is that playing fair and limiting the power of government functionaries limits the amount of injustice that the government is able to inflict on ordinary people. It is the experience of injustice that gets people riled up and determined to form a head of rebellion.

So the reason that prudent politicians follow the Moynihan Rule and determine to pass big legislation with a 70-30 vote in the Senate is that they make sure that they can at least pretend to have a consensus for the change. Notice that the 70-30 vote is way above the 60 vote barrier required by the filibuster rule. With 70-30 you have persuaded a good part of the opposition that they had better climb on board because the train is leaving the station.

When Republicans repeal Obamacare in 2017 they need to observe the Moynihan Rule. They need about ten Democrats to vote for repeal and reform, Democrats afraid for their political lives. And if all goes well, there will be plenty of Democrats in the right frame of mind for that.

In my view Democrats have the same problem with green energy and gay marriage and the war against the suburbs to corral Americans into high density urban environments. They didn't ask permission for all that; they didn't build a consensus. They used the tactics of the bully and the mob. There will be hell to pay on all that, and the bill isn't even in the mail yet.

The words of Dr. No to 007, James Bond still apply. Obama liberals are fools, and fools must pay for their folly. 

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