Thursday, July 30, 2015

The #cuckservative Meme

I get it. Conservative leadership, from Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the Senate and John Boehner (R-OH) in the House to the mainstream conservative media is disappointingly wimpy. You might even say that they had been cuckolded by the shameless hussies in LiberalLand who have been cheating on them for decades. Thus #cuckservatives.

When are they going to do something about it? And act like real men for a change?

The answer is: not until conservatives (or some other non-liberal cultural groups) acquire the cultural power to "put a bit of stick about."

To put it in military terms, the non-liberals have to join battle with the liberals over some issue, win the battle, and put the liberals into retreat, and then go on to win the war. The reason that #cuckservatives are so effeminate is that whenever there's a skirmish on the cultural front they get creamed by the liberals.

This is explained by Mencius Moldbug in his blog, where the universities and the media are the Cathedral that get to define the moral and cultural norms, the Democratic Party is the Inner Party that gets to rule when it wins elections, and the Republican Party is the Outer Party that just gets to govern when it wins elections. If you don't get the difference between "rule" and "govern" it is the difference between making up your own rules as you go along and following the rules.

Another thing to think about is the difference between left-wing extremists and right-wing extremists.

Moldbug has a sneer at Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism over this. Liberals can't be fascists, he writes, because fascism only worked in a limited time in the years after the collapse of a monarchical regime where right-wing judges could wink and nod at fascist street thugs.

But that's the point, and that's why the "fascist" tag applies to liberals. These days left-wing street action gets a wink and a nod from the justice system and the police know which side their bread is buttered on. The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore couldn't have happened if they were right-wing demonstrations. The demonstrators would first have had to get all their paperwork and their protest permits in order, and who knows how long that would have taken, Lois. And then any peep of violence or inappropriate protest sign would have been excoriated from The Nation to The New York Times to National Review.

In other words, today the left has the power. The left can intimidate ordinary citizens with regulators and judges. Why just today we have the report of a judge putting a restraining order on the folks that are doing the Planned Parenthood videos and enforcing prior restraint on future videos. Imagine that happening to 60 Minutes. You can't, because everyone knows that the Cathedral and the Inner Party would erupt into moral outrage. The left can intimidate with the power of the bully pulpit; that's why left-wing bloopers disappear while right-wing bloopers are proof of racism, sexism, homophobia. The left can intimidate with street action by bused-in rent-a-mobs. And it can intimidate with its neo-peasant supporters outraged by any "cut" in their entitlements.

So yeah. Conservative politicians and media are indeed #cuckservative. And they will be until we change the cultural order in America. And I'd say we are decades away from that, because any cultural change comes from the young people, and I view today's young people as mind-numbed robots pretty well completely indoctrinated by and in the pockets of the gentry liberal ruling class and its Cathedral.

Hey kids! Prove me wrong!

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